Recall Policy

A "recall" is a request to obtain an item that is checked out to another customer. Most items that are checked out may be requested by other borrowers at any time. The recall may change the due date of the item and the library will inform the customer who has the item checked out of the new due date.

The recall policy applies to all users and is strictly enforced and in effect all year long including breaks, sabbaticals, vacations, etc. If the library is closed use one of the exterior book drops.

It is important for all borrowers to regularly review the status of their library account, checking for recalls either online or by contacting circulation.  At any time, you may view your account or check with the Information and Check Out Desk to see if any of the books that you have requested are ready for pick-up or if any of the books that you have checked out have been recalled from you. You will be notified when Recall items are returned. When viewing your account online, these items will have a status of Ready For Pick-Up.

Patron account information is confidential and may not be shared.  Provided that staffing is available, up to three (3) recalls may be processed by telephone.

Recall Due Dates and Notices

  • When an item is recalled, the system automatically changes the due date and a Recall Notice is sent.
  • Recall of an item may shorten the original loan period.
  • Recalls are due fifteen (15) days after the request.
  • If there are other requests at the time of checkout, no notice is generated and the borrower is given an automatic 14-day, “no renewal, no fine free period” checkout.
  • Due to the strict enforcement of the recall process, failure to receive a recall notice does not absolve borrower from knowing an item is recalled.

Recall Fines

  • Items not returned by midnight on the recall due date are billed the replacement cost and a $10.00 fee per item.
  • Recall late fees are strictly enforced and only the replacement cost is cancelled when the item is returned.
  • There is an established written appeals procedure for handling all library charges, including recall fines.
  • Clearances, allowing check out of material, are issued while the appeal is in process.
  • For complete information, please contact: ASU Library (Tempe campus) Billing (480-965-3106) or West campus Library Billing (602-543-8546)