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ASU Library’s Community-Driven Archives (CDA) Initiative is reimagining and transforming 21st century academic libraries and archives by developing and implementing innovative solutions that address inequities, erasure, and trauma. Our award winning initiative advances ASU’s research and public service mission by creating a collaborative culture that models reparative justice, diversity, inclusion and broadens access to and preservation of knowledge.

Community Archivist

More than research and preservation, CDA is helping historically marginalized communities process and remember by centering their knowledge. Seeing yourself in history, probably for the first time, and then reflecting on it leads to personal and collective healing. We humanize ourselves and others when we take action, work with archives, and share our stories.

Nancy Liliana GodoyDirector and Associate Archivist
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Wrapping up first year of the IMLS Memory Keeper Fellowship

Community Driven Archive Initiative (CDA) and Labriola just wrapped up their first year of in-person mentoring for the Memory Keeper Fellowship funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS). It is bittersweet to see the first year of the fellowship come to an end however we would lik...

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Thunderbird archives: These walls do talk

At most universities, if you want to learn about their history, you must enter a library and dig through an expansive archive. At the Thunderbird School of Global Management on Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix campus, a good portion of its history is displayed on its walls. Spread out ov...

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Applications now open for 2024-2025 Community Archivist Fellowship

The Community Archivist Fellowship Program at the ASU Library is looking for community college students interested in becoming professionally trained archivists or librarians. Students will be introduced to community-driven archives and work closely with archivists and staff from the Community-Drive...

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Reclaiming a lost history

Arizona’s Black and African American community has woefully been underrepresented in the telling of the state’s history. However, a repository at Arizona State University that has been quietly taking shape aims to properly acknowledge the influence and rich history of Black and African American com...