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The Unit for Data Science is a hub for research collaborations and student mentorship. It is a one-of-a-kind resource at ASU Library that connects students, faculty, and staff from all university-wide disciplines. By working with us, both students and faculty alike have grown their knowledge of data science and increased its impact on their work. By collaborating and mentoring, the Unit for Data Science pursues data science research that engages machine learning, data analytics, visual storytelling, network analysis, and text and data mining. Training opportunities include many ways to get involved and learn about data science through project collaboration, a free online Canvas course, a Podcast, and/or attend our Workshops and Open labs.

What is data science?

ASU Library Data Science Director Michael Simeone and Data Scientist David Little introduce students, faculty, and staff to data science - the critical analysis and visualization of big data to uncover meaningful knowledge and insights.

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