The Unit for Data Science and Analytics at ASU Library connects researchers university-wide to pursue research that leverages machine learning, data analytics, visual storytelling, network analysis, and text and data mining. Working with both students and faculty in order to connect a wide variation of experts and disciplines to the methods and technologies of data science, the Unit for Data Science and Analytics encompasses a growing community of practitioners and partners from a diversity of fields: art history, engineering, language and literature, biology, urban planning, economics and business.

  • Projects and research

    Projects and research

    Our collaborations explore the possiblities of interdisciplinary data science.

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    About our team

    Start or join a collaboration, or learn more about what you can do with us. 

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What we do

  • Grant Funded

    Grant-funded research

    Data science provides increasingly valuable methods to interpret, analyze, organize and visualize research data. Our growing number of grant-funded projects bring together research perspectives from a range of fields that includes art and humanities, social science, engineering, and business and economics.

  • Faculty collaborations

    Faculty collaborations

    The Unit for Data Science collaborates with faculty, students and staff.  Equipped to collect, analyze, model and visualize data, the unit acts as a research hub to bring together anyone interested in data-driven or data-assisted work.

  • Student Centered

    Student-centered projects

    ASU students can join the community of practitioners and researchers, learn new skills and design their own research.

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Workshops and events

There are currently no workshops scheduled for data science and analytics.

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