The Unit for Data Science and Analytics at ASU Library connects researchers university-wide to pursue research that engages machine learning, data analytics, visual storytelling, network analysis, and text and data mining. Working with both students and faculty, we connect a wide variety of experts to the methods and technologies of data science. Our collaborators and students encompass a growing community of practitioners and partners from a diversity of fields: art history, engineering, language and literature, biology, urban planning, economics, business, and more.

What is data science?

ASU Library Data Science Director Michael Simeone and Data Scientist David Little introduce students, faculty, and staff to data science - the critical analysis and visualization of big data to uncover meaningful knowledge and insights.

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Connect with us

  • Where to find us

    Where to find us

    Located on the third floor of Hayden Library in room 346. We offer open-area space to collaborate on projects with access to research software designed for analysis and visualization.

    Chat with a member of our team. 

    Contact to schedule a virtual appointment.

  • Open lab

    Open lab

    We host open lab to bring together students, staff and faculty to learn about data science and apply data science research to real-world problems. Spring 2021 schedule is up! Check it out! 

    Small talks is an opportunity to chat about you and data science. Grab a couple of your friends, contact us at and we will schedule and facilitate a virtual conversation. 

  • Get in touch

    Get in touch

    Faculty, staff and students interested in an ongoing project, new collaboration or learning more may contact

    Meet our team and view our work on GitHub.



data visualization Data Science Open Lab
January 20, 2021, 10:00am to 11:00am