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A selection from a topographic map showing contours for elevation within the Grand Canyon

Map of the Month: September 2023

The Grand Canyon is one of the modern natural wonders of the world. It’s been mapped countless times over the years, and is the second most visited national park in the United States. However, the mapping history of the Grand Canyon is relatively young; the first USGS quadrangle maps of the Canyon w...

Dudu Geva's 1998 parody of a 1967 caricature by Dosh, featuring young “Srulik” after overcoming and winning the Six Day War. The 1998 image shows Srulik as a tired middle-aged man watching TV.

Exploring the IsraPulp collection

The IsraPulp Collection at ASU Library is a distinctive collection of Hebrew-language rare books, pamphlets, periodicals, serial publications and other print materials. The collection documents the production of popular fiction and counterculture literature in Mandatory Palestine under British admin...

a sitting female with a laptop listing to a female in conversation

How to avoid using retracted articles

Knowledge changes. It’s one of the many truths of research. Sometimes what we know is updated as new information becomes available. Other times, sadly, we discover something was never the truth. Various reasons result in retractions. Research with faked or manipulated data may be called out. Resear...

Person sitting at a desk looking at a desktop computer while scanning printed materials on a flatbed scanner

Course Resource Services saves students an average of $237 per class

ASU faculty and instructors looking to help students connect to their course materials at no cost can find specialized support at the ASU Library. By working with Course Resource Services (CRS) and using a tool called the Library Resource Organizer integrated within Canvas, instructors can save stud...