Printing, copying and scanning in the library

Print Anywhere: The Print Anywhere program provides copy, printing and scanning services. Library users have the ability to print to any one of nearly 70 devices on all four campuses (including all ASU Library locations) with just one simple click.

For ASU affiliates, Print Anywhere will charge your My ASU account after releasing a print, copy or scan from a Print Anywhere device.

For guests, pre-funded Print Anywhere Guest Cards can be purchased from any Sun Devil Bookstore location

To find out more about this program, please visit the Print Anywhere web page.

Computer workstation printing

When printing from computer workstations in the libraries the computer will automatically associate the print job with the ASURITE account that was used to log in to the workstation. PC Reservation computers will prompt you to enter a username.

When printing documents from MyASU, right click on the links to the documents and choose "Open in New Window". Then click on the printer icon in the new window.

Most of the copy and print stations in the ASU Library are black and white only with a cost of $0.12 per page for black and white printing. Hayden Library, Noble Library and the Downtown Phoenix campus Library offer color copying and printing at a cost of $0.50 per page. Scanning, where available, is now free.

Print stations are located in the following locations:

Print station locations

Library Print Station Locations
Downtown Phoenix campus Library Printing (color and black and white) and photocopying (color and black and white) are located near computer workstations in the south end of the Information Commons.
Hayden Library

Concourse (pdf)
Lower Level (pdf)
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Noble Library First floor
Design and the Arts Library

By the Information and Check Out Desk near the front of the library

Music Library Across from the Information and Check Out Desk, near the library entrance
Fletcher Library at the West Valley campus First Floor, Atrium
Polytechnic campus Library In the center of the library, near the information desk


Laptop, phone and tablet printing

There are two options for printing from your personal device (laptop, phone, tablet):

  1. Visit to upload document, preview it, see pricing and change print options.
  2. Using your ASU email account, email or with your document as an attachment
    1. You must use your ASU email address (
    2. To print black and white, send to:
    3. To print color, send to:
    4. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after letting you know if the document was successfully uploaded or not.


There are self service photocopiers located throughout all the libraries on campus. In general there is usually at least one on each floor of the library. There is a charge of $0.12 per side for black and white copies. The following libraries offer color copying at $0.50 per side:

  • Downtown Phoenix campus Library
  • Hayden, Noble, Design, Music (Tempe campus)


Scanners are located in Hayden, Noble, Music and Design libraries on the Tempe campus. There is no charge to scan (color or black and white) and the files can be sent to e-mail.

Microform reading and scanning

Microform reading and scanning is currently available for microfilm, microfiche and opaque cards. Microform scanning stations are available at Hayden and Noble libraries on the Tempe campus, and at Fletcher Library on ASU West Valley campus.

There is no charge to scan items to the three options available on the scanners: e-mail, flash drive, or MyFiles. (MyFiles available to ASU affiliates only.)

Students, faculty and staff may also request this material through ILL and Document Delivery.

Requesting balance refunds: