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Book title is neon pink above three flowers

The Last Catastrophe

Allegra Hyde

A hopeful, speculative short story collection about how humanity grapples in a world transformed by climate change. Summary: A vast caravan of RVs roams the United States. A girl grows a…

Old English text with title over the image

Old English Poetry and Its Legacy

Robert Bjork

Published as a special issue of Humanities journal, this collection of essays was originally assembled in honor of John D. Niles, who has long been a major voice in Old English studies…

Watercolor image of two birds flying under title

Instead, It Is Dark


Cynthia Hogue

Following her husband’s massive heart attack, Cynthia Hogue began writing poems based on dreams and memories that he, born during WWII in occupied France, had as a child growing up in a…

Book title in different shades of blue and green across the entirety of cover

Composing Place

Digital Rhetorics for a Mobile World

Jacob Greene

"Composing Place" takes an innovative approach to engaging with the compositional affordances of mobile technologies. Mobile, wearable, and spatial computing technologies are more than…

Image of a Muscogee (Creek) Nation against a light blue backdrop

A Promise Kept: The Muscogee (Creek) Nation and McGirt v. Oklahoma

Robert Miller

At the end of the Trail of Tears there was a promise, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in the decision issued on July 9, 2020, in the case of McGirt v. Oklahoma. And that…

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Reproduction Reborn: How Science, Ethics, and Law Shape Mitochondrial Replacement Therapies

Diana Bowman

Reproduction Reborn guides readers through the history and science of mitochondrial replacement therapies and the various attempts to control them. Leading experts from medicine,…

Psychedelic image of fairies and a colorful garden

The Book of Stolen Images

Laura Lee Washburn

In a fantastical neo-classical sense, The Book of Stolen Images speaks novelly toward culture, politics, and collective humanity. This poetry collection recognizes personal yet relatable…

Author Ed Odeven is fake boxing with Jerry Izenberg

Going 15 Rounds With Jerry Izenberg

A Collection Of Interviews With The Legendary Columnist

Ed Odeven

Jerry Izenberg's career as a newspaper reporter and columnist spans generations. From the early 1950s to the present day, he has written about championship teams and Olympic icons,…

Cartoon image of dog behind bars

Dog Years

Jeffrey Kronenfeld

What "Maus" did for the Holocaust, "Dog Years" does for mass incarceration in the US. This 32-page graphic novel follows Kurt Vilkas through a two-year prison sentence, where he faces…

Space inspired artwork with black background with orange orbits

Psyche Inspired: Collection of Artworks

Cobalt Class

Edited by Adriana Talamante

Executive Editor   Kaxandra Nessi

Layout Editor, Cover Art   Alexandra Cook

Psyche Contributor   Catherine Bowman

Psyche Contributor   Lindy Elkins-Tanton

A collection of artistic and creative works from the ASU-led NASA Psyche Mission's 2019-20 Psyche Inspired interns. This downloadable book tells the story of Psyche (both the mission and…