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Cover of "Strategic Management of the Health Care Supply Chain"

Strategic Management of the Health Care Supply Chain

Eugene Schneller

Strategic Management of the Health Care Supply Chain provides students, faculty, managers, and researchers with a clear understanding of the health care supply chain and its role in…

Cover of "The Nature of Supply Networks"

The Nature of Supply Networks

Thomas Y. Choi

Supply chains are networks. The concept of the supply chain is an oversimplification of the complex dynamics involved between the individuals, organizations, and resources required to…

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Practicing Rights

Human rights-based approaches to social work practice

David Androff

Social work Codes of Ethics of professional organizations around the world appeal to the concept of people having ‘rights’ that social workers need to respect and advocate for. However,…

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Refugee solutions in the age of global crisis

Human rights, integration, and sustainable development

David Androff

Refugee Solutions in the Age of Global Crisis: Human Rights, Integration, and Sustainable Development" addresses the question of what to do about the global refugee crisis. One in every…

Cover of "Solving Modern Problems With a Stone-Age Brain"

Solving Modern Problems With a Stone-Age Brain

Human Evolution and the Seven Fundamental Motives

Douglas Kenrick and David Lundberg-Kenrick

Sharing stories and advice rooted in the science of evolutionary psychology, father and son authors Doug Kenrick and David Lundberg-Kenrick pinpoint the dangers of stone-age problem…

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Democracy in a Hotter Time

Climate Change and Democratic Transformation

Michael M. Crow

The first major book to deal with the dual crises of democracy and climate change as one interrelated threat to the human future and to identify a path forward. “Democracy in a Hotter…

Cover of "Artificial Intelligence in Science"

Artificial Intelligence in Science

Challenges, Opportunities and The Future or Research

Katina Michael

The rapid advances of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years have led to numerous creative applications in science. Accelerating the productivity of science could be the most…

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A New Kind of Tongue

Genevieve Betts

As a collection, Genevieve Betts’ A New Kind of Tongue includes poems that are sometimes quirky, sometimes lyrical, sometimes edgy, and sometimes humorous. Language—our understanding of…

Cover of "Rhetorical Crossover"

Rhetorical Crossover

The Black Presence in White Culture

Cedric Burrows

Winner, 2021 NCTE David H. Russell Award In music, crossover means that a song has moved beyond its original genre and audience into the general social consciousness. "Rhetorical…

Cover of "Beyond Aspect"

Beyond Aspect

The Expression of Discourse Functions in African Languages

Edited by Shahar Shirtz

Certain grammatical elements help hearers know how propositions are conceptually related: Does a given proposition advance the foregrounded event line, or not? Initiate versus continue…