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Image of a group of Provincetown Players

Staging America

The Artistic Legacy of the Provincetown Players

Jeffery Kennedy

A comprehensive history of the Provincetown Players and their influence on modern American theatre The Provincetown Players created a revolution in American theatre, making room for…

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Dear Human at the Edge of Time

Poems on Climate Change in the United States

Edited by Ernesto L. Abeytia

DEAR HUMAN AT THE EDGE OF TIME: POEMS ON CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE UNITED STATES (Paloma Press, 2023) is a companion to the congressionally mandated Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5)…

Image of the Earth with a compass in the center

Toward Sustainable Communities

Solutions for Citizens and Their Governments

Mark Roseland, Margaret Stout and Maria Spilitopoulou

Toward Sustainable Communities is the definitive guide to the why, the what, and most importantly, the how of creating resilient, healthy, equitable, and prosperous places. This fifth…

Image of Grecian city near the water at dusk

Internal and External Causes of Language Change

The Naxos Papers

Edited by Elly van Gelderen

This volume collects ten studies that propose modern methodologies of analyzing and explaining language change in the case of various morpho-phonological and morpho-syntactic…

Navy blue cover with title "Law and Rhetoric" outlined in a brighter blue

Law and Rhetoric

A Primer

Mark A. Hannah

Benefitting a wide audience, this text introduces rhetorical theory as applied to the law. Aristotle's definition of rhetoric—discovering all the available means of persuasion…

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Light As Light


Simon Ortiz

"Light As Light" is acclaimed poet Simon J. Ortiz’s first collection in twenty years. The poems in this volume celebrate the wonders and joy of love in the present while also looking…

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There She Goes Again

Gender, Power, and Knowledge in Contemporary Film and Television Franchises

Aviva Dove-Viebahn

"There She Goes Again" interrogates the representation of ostensibly powerful women in transmedia franchises, examining how presumed feminine traits—love, empathy, altruism, diplomacy…

Image of Anna Maria Porter

Artless Tales

Or, Romantic Effusions of the Heart by Anna Maria Porter

Edited by Erika Cleveland, Devoney Looser, Claire McCarville and A. J. Otero

"Artless Tales: or, Romantic Effusions of the Heart" was the second book of short stories (both called "Artless Tales") that Anna Maria Porter published. With surprising sophistication,…

Painting of two people embracing

People Collide

A Novel

Isle McElroy

From the acclaimed author of "The Atmospherians," a gender-bending, body-switching novel that explores marriage, identity, and sex, and raises profound questions about the nature of true…

Image of little girl writing

Cultivating Young Multilingual Writers

Nurturing Voices and Stories in and beyond the Classroom Walls

Tracey T. Flores

This book is written for K–5 educators who are interested in cultivating young writers by designing and facilitating writing instruction that begins with the resources that students…