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The Price of Fame

Privacy Risks in the Digital Era of Image Sharing

Dr. Frank Kardasz, MPA, Ed.D.

In this digital age, image sharing is an integral part of daily life. With the proliferation of social media, messaging apps and peer encouragement, it is easier than ever to share…

Image of Ancestral O'Odham Platform Mounds of the Sonoran Desert


Ancestral O'Odham Platform Mounds of the Sonoran Desert

Edited by Arleyn W Simon, Glen E. Rice and Chris Loendorf

Vapaki presents a far-ranging conversation on the topic of Hohokam platform mounds in the history of the southern Arizona desert, exploring why they were built, how they were used, and…

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First Responder's Guide to Individuals in Crisis

Training towards de-escalation

Dr. Frank Kardasz, MPA, Ed.D.

The "First Responder’s Guide to Individuals in Crisis" is a comprehensive guide designed to help first responders and service providers navigate the complex and challenging landscape of…

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Digital Forensics Laboratory Leadership & Management

Dr. Frank Kardasz, MPA, Ed.D.

Digital Forensics Laboratory Leadership and Management is a comprehensive guide to managing a modern digital forensics laboratory. Written by an experienced author, this book provides…

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Ethics Training for Law Enforcement

Practices and trends

Dr. Frank Kardasz, MPA, Ed.D.

Training tools and subject-matter for teaching ethics to law enforcement personnel were examined. A literature review revealed seven categories of training tools including: (a) books and…

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Kubrick and Control

Authority, Order and Independence in the Films and Working Life of Stanley Kubrick

Jeremy Carr

"Kubrick and Control" is an examination of authority, order, and independence in the films directed by Stanley Kubrick, as well as in his personal life and working habits. This study…

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To Name the Bigger Lie

A Memoir in Two Stories

Sarah Viren

Part coming-of-age story, part psychological thriller, part philosophical investigation, this unforgettable memoir traces the ramifications of a series of lies that threaten to derail…

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The Nonconformists

American and Czech Writers across the Iron Curtain

Brian Goodman

How risky encounters between American and Czech writers behind the Iron Curtain shaped the art and politics of the Cold War and helped define an era of dissent. “In some indescribable…

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Nicholas Tana

"eJunky" is a genre-bending sci-fi noir graphic novel set in a dystopian future where society has been reshaped by technology. Written by Nicholas Tana and illustrated by Kyle Faehnrich,…

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Latinx Actor Training

Edited by Micha Espinosa

Latinx Actor Training presents essays and pioneering research from leading Latinx practitioners and scholars in the United States. It aims to examine the history and future of Latino/a/x…