Who We Are

Our organization

ASU Library is the gateway to the ASU educational enterprise. Thus, our organizational structure is directly tied to our role as a critical partner in realizing the New American University mission.

Administrative Services

Serves as the nexus for understanding overall health of the library, with oversight for ethical and responsible administrative and fiscal services, including human resources and facilities management.

Collections Services and Analysis

Develop high quality user-focused and inclusive research and learning collections for our communities, guided by institutional mission and priorities.

Communications and Donor Relations

Engage the university community, donors and the world by developing and managing local-to-global communication networks and channels.

Engagement and Learning Services

Develop innovative solutions that support the scholarly, instructional and learning goals of the university and our communities.

Research and Development

Create and maintain systems and processes that make information resources findable, accessible and usable for ASU and the greater scholarly community. Supports and facilitates the teaching and research mission of the library and the university.

The library is your partner

ASUA critical partner in realizing the New American University model and fulfilling ASU's charter

We support the goals and mission of the university; embody and embolden the knowledge network of ASU; and are truly interdisciplinary, socially embedded, community-driven and use-inspired.

Public servants

Our focus is on service.

Problem-solvers and collaborators

We believe in partnerships and cross-disciplinary approaches.

Champions of diversity

Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do.

Supporters of student success

We support the needs of learners.

Advocates of open access and discovery

We support open access principles.

Preservationalists and futurists

Our services support, maximize and preserve discovery.