A taxidermied flying squirrel posed with its arms stretched out as if in flight.


You can find inspiration from nature for any field!

Naturespace is a dedicated space to finding inspiration from nature. At Naturespace you will find a natural history collection as well as visualization tools. ASU affiliates and the community are welcome to come in and learn from nature. In Naturespace you can handle most of the specimens, sketch them, and get help with your creative project or research. It is a space for people from all different backgrounds and disciplines.

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Why is this space important?

Most natural history collections are not hands-on. We wanted to change that by providing ASU communities with a collection they can explore freely without being enrolled in a course. At Naturespace, you will find a learning environment that provides an opportunity for making close observations of specimens to find inspiration through the texture, structure, and forms within natural models. We want to give others a place to explore the natural world to discover its importance.

Naturespace also invites you to learn more about natural phenomena and our role in the future of our planet. Join us in exploring our space to help rebuild our relationship with nature.


naturespace pinned butterflies

Naturespace provides a place for:

  • Artists to become intimate with nature's patterns.
  • Engineers and architects to learn about nature's structure and form.
  • Business majors to find insight into how nature is so resilient.
  • Designers to find ideas for their projects
  • Computer science majors to learn about nature's networks
  • Naturalists to learn about the functionality of nature
  • Collaboration between disciplines.

Naturespace resources

This hands-on learning library offers visitors a wide variety of tools for observing nature up close. Discover innovative solutions to sustainability challenges in a wide variety of disciplines from design and business to engineering and fashion.

  • Natural History Collection
  • Variety of Equipment
  • A Specialized Book Collection
  • Research Guides
  • Feather Bank

Anyone can become a naturalist.

Becoming a naturalist starts with curiosity. Having a place where one can learn and fuel their natural curiosities can be beneficial for the individual whether it is for school, work, or fun. Finding inspiration from nature is the first step to sustainable solutions and Naturespace can provide that inspiration for future innovation


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