Two laughing scientists inspect beakers filled with pink, green, and yellow liquid. Get connected with experts and resources from the ASU Library to assist you with all of your research and publishing needs. Researcher Support offers guidance across the research lifecycle, everything from planning to data storage, in an effort to maximize the quality, productivity, and accessibility of ASU research. ASU Library Researcher Support is a proud ASU Researcher Support partner. Reach us at or use our contact button to request a consultation.

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Our services

Get started

  • Assess information needs
  • Discover resources
  • Form literature review strategy

Identify opportunities

  • Search for funding
  • Find collaborators
  • Get advice

Inform proposals

  • Inform your budget
  • Create data management plan
  • Request resources

Conduct research

  • Implement data management plan
  • Manage identity, data, and citations
  • Set up research notebooks

Publish research

  • Evaluate publications and agreements
  • Learn about copyright and open access
  • Manage citations and measure impact

Data management

  • Organize and describe
  • Deposit and preserve
  • Share and track reuse


There are currently no scheduled Researcher Support events.