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Get connected with the ASU Library experts and resources you need for your research and publishing activities. We support ASU’s mission for Open Science and Scholarship and partner with ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise to maximize the quality, productivity, and accessibility of ASU’s research community. We provide guidance and best practices for improving compliance with funder and government requirements for public access to research and scholarship.

As you develop your ideas and set your research agenda, make sure you know what expertise, tools and resources are available to set you up for success every step of the way. Reach us at researchsupport@asu.edu or use our contact button to request a consultation.

Researcher Support is facilitated by the Open Science and Scholarly Communication division within Engagement and Learning Services.

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How to avoid using retracted articles

Knowledge changes. It’s one of the many truths of research. Sometimes what we know is updated as new information becomes available. Other times, sadly, we discover something was never the truth. Various reasons result in retractions. Research with faked or manipulated data may be called out. Resear...

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New ASU fund helps researchers publish in open access journals

In response to an increasing focus on open access publishing by research funders, the ASU Open Access Publication Fund has been created to help cover publishing costs for ASU affiliates. The new open access fund is supported by the Office of the University Provost and Knowledge Enterprise, with the...

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Does access translate to accessibility?

Abbie Thacher, Open Scholarship Intern As someone who went through most of their academic career with undiagnosed ADHD, I have been thinking a lot about how to make higher education more accessible, attainable, and engaging on a meaningful level for learners whose attention is more divided than a n...

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Pollinators, Light Pollution, and Citizen Science

Emily Rocha, Open Scholarship Intern April is a time of year when we are greeted by signs of spring after a long winter in the Northern hemisphere. As flowers bloom and wildlife reappears from slumber, it is a great time to partake in citizen science. Citizen science is a global movement that welco...