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Get connected with experts and resources from the ASU Library to assist you with all of your research and publishing needs. Researcher Support offers guidance across the research lifecycle, everything from planning to data storage, in an effort to maximize the quality, productivity, and accessibility of ASU research. ASU Library Researcher Support is a proud ASU Researcher Support partner. Reach us at or use our contact button to request a consultation.

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Love Data Week 2023 map

Mark Your Calendars for Love Data Week 2023

Love Data Week, February 13-17th, is an international event involving libraries, data centers, social media, and research institutions. Learn about resources available to ASU researchers and best practices for managing, protecting, preserving, and publishing your data....

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ASU Library open research support

Matthew Harp, Research Data Services and Outreach Librarian Looking for help navigating your research project and meeting government open science requirements? Openly sharing your work is a purposeful process that involves additional steps beyond the traditional journal selection and peer review pr...

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Research data stewardship is for everyone

Renée Palting, Research Data Intern The 2023 National Institute of Health (NIH) Data Sharing Policy and requirements have generated great discussions on how the policy will impact researchers and what they should expect.  Whether or not you are currently receiving NIH funding, you should be aware t...

ASU Logo with ASU Library Repository Services, including KEEP and the ASU Research Data Repository

Keeping your work in the ASU repository

Jordan Claire, Scholarly Communication Intern You may remember that we shared three takeaways from the OSTP memorandum’s updated guidance. According to the memorandum, scholars who have received federal funding will soon need to be making their work publicly accessible (open access). Many scholars ...