ASU Library Accessibility Services

The purpose of ASU Library Accessibility Services is to ensure that all ASU students, faculty and staff have access to our library’s resources and facilities. We offer a variety of library related services and assistive technology for users with disabilities.

For non-library related academic accommodations and services, please contact Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services.


  • Orientation to ASU Library
  • Instruction on accessing and searching One Search and the online databases
  • Book retrieval and assistance with photocopying and printing
  • Assistance with our assistive equipment and technology
  • Making print materials available in electronic format.


ASU Library Accessibility Services
Phone: 480-965-2600 (TTY users, please dial 711)
Email: or fill out our contact form.

Library locations

We offer accommodations at all ASU Library locations.


Assistive Technology

Assistive Equipment Location
Adjustable height tables All libraries
Headphones Available for checkout at all libraries
Adjustable lighting Hayden
Task lighting Hayden, Noble
CCTV Fletcher, Hayden, Noble, Polytechnic
Big Key Keyboard Hayden
Large Print Keyboard Fletcher, Hayden
Logitech Touchpad Hayden
Mouse - Joystick Fletcher
Mouse - Pro Trackball Fletcher, Hayden
Printer/Copier with Adjustable Control Panel Hayden (Level 4)
Microform Scanner Hayden
Scanner Downtown, Fletcher, Hayden, Noble
Videophone Downtown, Fletcher,  Polytechnic
Widescreen monitor Fletcher, Hayden


Assistive software

Assistive Software Location
Fusion All common image computers
JAWS Screen Reader All common image computers
JAWS Braille Viewer All common image computers
Kurzweil 3000 All common image computers
Windows Ease of Access All common image computers
ZoomText All common image computers

Please note: all assistive software can be located on the common image computers
by clicking on the start button and searching for "Assistive Technology." 


For non-library related academic accommodations and services, contact Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services.