Study rooms and zones

Study zones

In recognition of the varying study needs of the ASU student community, the ASU Library is pleased to offer specific study zones in most libraries. Throughout the libraries there are three types of zones, with corresponding noise expectations:

Green Traffic Light

Common study zones, found on the entrance levels of the libraries and nearby service desks, are areas where noise is to be expected and groups are encouraged. Please use these areas to convene, collaborate and talk on your cell phone.

Amber Traffic LightQuiet study zones, found throughout the libraries on levels with book and journal stacks are all naturally quiet environments. In these areas quiet conversation is allowed, but please silence your cell phones.

Red Traffic LightSilent study zones, found throughout the libraries, are areas where no talking is permitted.  In Noble Library there is an enclosed silent study room on the second floor.  In the Downtown Library the silent study zone is behind the vault; and in Fletcher Library this zone is on 3rd Floor East. Please turn off all cell phones in these areas.

MediaScape tables for group collaboration are located in common study zones on the  Concourse level in Hayden Library and on the first floor in Noble Library.

Maps are available online to see precisely where each zone is located in the Downtown Phoenix campus, Fletcher (Lower Level, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), Hayden (Lower Level, Upper/Lower Concourse),  Music, Noble, and Polytechnic campus libraries.