Study rooms - Downtown Phoenix campus

Downtown Phoenix campus Library study room policies

  • Reservations are required for all study rooms
  • Reservations can be made for up to 4 hours
  • Reservations may be extended during a low demand day
  • A reservation is cancelled when a reserved room is not claimed within the first 15 minutes of reservation time
  • Only one active reservation per day
  • Reservations can be made one week in advance
  • Keys need to be returned on time to avoid library fines
  • There is no grace period on study room keys (Fines are $1.00 per hour to accrue a maximum of $20.00; after the maximum amount, a replacement fee of $150.00 is applied plus a processing fee of $10.00 giving a total of $160.00)

Group study rooms

Number: 12 Study Rooms (L1-03 to L1-29)
Room Equipment: 
  • Whiteboards (All rooms)
  • Projectors (L1-03 to L1-17)
  • Desktops (L1-03 through L1-11)
Accessories Available for Check Out:
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Scissors
  • Colored Pencils
  • Headphones
  • USB flash drives
  • PC VGA & Audio adapter
  • PC Visual/Screen adapter
  • MAC Power adapter
  • MAC Extension cord adapter
  • MAC VGA adapter
Maximum capacity Two people maximum per room
Reservations: Make a reservation - Reservations are required for all study rooms. Rooms can be reserved one week in advance. Only one active reservation per day.  No phone reservations are accepted.
Location: University Center, Lower Level