Study Rooms - Hayden Library

There are more than 30 study rooms available in Hayden Library (see below for descriptions). For the fall 2020 semester, most are limited to a maximum capacity of 1 or 2 people, and are available for walk in use (no reservations).  Four presentation practice rooms on Level 2 are able to be reserved for up to 2 hours per day for individual/group study and presentation practice.

Wellness and lactation rooms, including the Interfaith Reflection Room on the Concourse level, are not intended for study use.

Reservable Study Rooms

Number: 4  (presentation practice rooms)
Locations: Level 2
Maximum capacity: Two people maximum per room

Reserve a room now


  • Reservable Presentation Practice Rooms are for current ASU students only.* 
  • These rooms are intended only for collaborative study, not course instruction, office hours, interviews, exams, or any other related uses. 
  • Each reservation must be made on the half-hour. No more than four half-hour reservations may be made per day per person. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email with room number and reservation date/time. Bring your confirmation email and a group member.
  • A group that is more than 15 minutes late forfeits the reservation. 
  • As a courtesy to others, please cancel your reservation if you will not be using the space. To do so, click the link provided in your confirmation email. 
  • Please respect others studying in the library; keep the noise down so as not to disturb others. 
  • Keep room clean and please mark only on the dry-erase board provided. Disputes over the use of a room may result in the loss of room privileges to all disputing parties. 

*Other Campus Room Options for Groups 

Faculty / TAs

  • Library group study rooms are not available for class meetings, review sessions or office hours.
  • Faculty members, teaching assistants and assistant instructors can reserve rooms on campus for classes, exams and review sessions through the University Technology Office.

Student Organizations

Time limit: Rooms are to be reserved in 2-hours blocks only.
Room numbers: 201, 203, 205, 207

Non-reservable Study Rooms

Number: 32
Locations: Lower LevelConcourse, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4
Reservation: No reservations required.
Space type: Both individual and small group use.  (Please respect the maximum capacity notices on each room)
Room numbers: Maximum capacity of one:  C21, 240A, 240B, 240C,  350A, 350B, 350C, 350D, 450A, 450B, 450C

Maximum capacity of two:  L52, L54, L56, C13, C15, C17, C19, 55A, C55B, C55C, 311A, 311B, 311C, 311G, 311H, 342, 336, 351, 353, 355, 357


Wellness / Lactation Rooms

Number: 2
Locations: Concourse
Reservation: Reserve room now
Maximum capacity: One person maximum per room
Space type: These rooms are intended for lactation and other wellness needs.
Room numbers: C25 and C27