Welcome to fall from Course Resource Services

Published Aug. 02, 2022
Updated Aug. 29, 2022

Attention instructors! The ASU Library is here for you as you plan your fall semester classes. Make things easier for yourself and your students by working with our Course Resource Services team to select, organize and embed your course materials directly into Canvas.

The ASU Library Resource Organizer seamlessly embeds materials of all types. Whether part of the library collection or freely available online, add these materials directly into Canvas module pages, assignments, discussions and more.

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Top three reasons to use the Library Resource Organizer:

  • Save students money by linking directly to articles, e-books and streaming media, either online or provided by the ASU Library - free from any concerns about copyright infringements or violations! 
  • Add content the ASU Library doesn’t own to Resource Organizers to make digitization or purchase requests. We will also ensure digitized content meets Accessibility standards. See our copyright policy for more details. 
  • Reduce interruptions in access by having the Library CRS team monitor content, automatically renew subscriptions, and notify you if our content providers make changes to content.

Course Resource Services also provides prioritized checkout of print content and DVDs at all of our campus locations if we are unable to digitize or license the content.

Learn more about how the Library Resource Organizer can help with these upcoming webinars:

An important note regarding textbooks: As of August 31, 2022, textbooks published by Wiley (including Wiley-Blackwell, John Wiley & Sons, etc) will no longer be available on the ASU Library’s E-book Central platform, and will not be available to libraries for licensing individually. If you are using a textbook published by Wiley, check to see if it is on this list. We will not be able to provide access to any of these titles through the library. Contact your librarian if you’d like assistance searching for alternatives.

This issue is part of a larger trend in textbook publisher business practices. For more information, check out our Textbook Availability page

As we get closer to August 18, please reach out to our team if you have any questions or need help connecting your students to library materials with Course Resource Services. Visit our website or email coursereserves@asu.libanswers.com today.