Sun Devil Reads offers new books to explore at Hayden Library

Published Aug. 07, 2023
Updated Oct. 03, 2023

As the ASU community returns to campus for the fall semester, students can find hundreds of new books to explore in the Sun Devil Reads collection at Hayden Library. Located on the second floor, the Sun Devil Reads collection is inspired by the academic and personal interests of ASU students, faculty and staff. 

Books displayed on bookshelves under "Explore the Word" shelf topper

“This collection contains over 12,000 books that cover a wide variety of topics that students and the ASU community can relate to,” said Corie Cisco, project coordinator for open stacks with the ASU Library. “We’ve now added nearly 400 recently published titles in both fiction and nonfiction genres. We worked closely with many team members to ensure that we brought in a diverse set of books to continue expanding the scope of this collection.”

As part of the Hayden Library 2020 renovation, the library was reimagined and reinvented to meet the needs of the ASU community. University Librarian Jim O’Donnell was inspired by the San Francisco bookstore City Lights and supported the idea of incorporating a collection that mirrors a browsable bookstore. The books in the Sun Devil Reads collection are organized into over 20 thematic categories to encourage browsing and discovery.

Students can request any book from Sun Devil Reads through the library’s Request a Book service. Books can be delivered to any ASU Library location, or mailed and shipped through the home delivery service.

“We want to help students access some of the latest and most talked about titles of books from recent year end lists,” said Cisco. “We received many of those recommendations in our new Sun Devil Reads refresh, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer these titles.”

A few of the new titles include: “Nightcrawling” by Leila Mottley; “The Book of Goose” by Yiyun Li , “Trust” by Hernan Diaz; “The Chaos Machine” by Max Fisher; and “The Invisible Kingdom” by Meghan O’Rourke.

Whether you are looking for an historical account of a world event or a refreshing, leisure read, Sun Devil Reads has something for everyone. Visit Hayden Library to browse and check out a book that speaks to you.   

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