Suggestion Box: Live Streams / Recordings of Events, Workshops

Published June 16, 2019
Updated Nov. 02, 2021

Suggestion/ Comment: As an Online student I would love to watch either live streams or recordings of some of the workshops or even some video tours of the exhibits on campus. I have seen some of the events and thought they would be good to attend.

Library Response: Thank you so much for this really good suggestions! We know this is important because we want online students to be able to engage with the same content/cultural opportunities as students who happen to be in Tempe or Phoenix or Mesa. Are there any topics or types of events in particular that you’re interested in? We have done a few live streams in the past, most recently as part of the two day Mapping Grand Canyon Conference (recordings are available at, but we can and should do more.

We have two important positions in our engagement and learning services division that are currently in recruitment that will be key in our improving and expanding our online workshop / instructional offerings. In addition, the communications team will work to incorporate recordings/live streaming into more of our public events and exhibitions.