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Feb 10, 2020 · suggestion box

Suggestion/Comment:  Put a link for searching the library catalogue on the first page!!!! This is insane. I gave up looking for the link that is what you go to the library FOR.

Library Response:  I'm so sorry that you had such a frustrating time using the library web site.  The library catalog is searched from the large search box in the middle of the main library web page - you can limit to just the catalog by using the pull down menu to the right of the search box.  You can find all kinds of search options by following the "Advanced Search" link as well.  If you have any troubles, please contact Ask a Librarian and one of our information professionals will be happy to walk through the process with you.  

Dec 02, 2019 ·

Comment / Suggestion: I am a returning student. I stopped in to the library at the beginning of the semester and was dismayed to find many computers but few books. The last time I used a library I could get lost for hours searching the stacks. Today libraries look like skeleton offices with some computers scattered around. There was still renovation happening at Hayden and I hope that is the only reason. When I go to a library I want to browse rows and rows of physical books, I want to hold them in my hands, look through them to see what might interest me, and what I need for an assignment. It is sad to see so many libraries, both public and institutional, trading real books for computers. Tragic, to walk into a library and not smell books. The search is not the same, nor is it better. I am not suggesting you get rid of the computers, but please don't reject the books. We lose a lot by doing that. Computer searches and transfers cannot replace the benefits of immediate access to the information in books. How can we get the books back?

Library Response:  We understand your concern about the differences in libraries, especially ASU Library locations, currently.  We know that for many, including ourselves, the presence of books in a library represents the essence of what a library is, and what it can be.  We want to emphasize that print materials - books - are very important to the ASU Library, and planning on how to manage that core part of our institution drove a lot of behind the scenes work during the Hayden renovation.  When Hayden Library reopens, you'll be able to find a number of book collections on multiple floors.  In our efforts to develop ways to make our print collections more visible and usable, the ASU Library has shifted to a more flexible, user-driven approach that has produced more inclusive, high-quality print collections for ASU students and scholars.  Find out more about the book collection in Hayden Library specifically in  Hayden2020:  The books are returning.  More inforamtion about this process can be found on the Future of Print web site.  

We are also shifting collections to better utilize the space and invite exploration in other libraries as well, especially the Noble Library on the Tempe campus. Those changes will start to be apparent by mid-spring semester in 2020.   

Jun 16, 2019 ·

Suggestion/ Comment:  As an Online student I would love to watch either live streams or recordings of some of the workshops or even some video tours of the exhibits on campus. I have seen some of the events and thought they would be good to attend.

Library Response:    Thank you so much for this really good suggestionsI We know this is important because we want online students to be able to engage with the same content/cultural opportunities as students who happen to be in Tempe or Phoenix or Mesa.   Are there any topics or types of events in particular that you’re interested in?    We have done a few live streams in the past, most recently as part of the two day Mapping Grand Canyon Conference (recordings are available at https://lib.asu.edu/mapping-grand-canyon-conference/program), but we can and should do more. 

We have two important positions in our engagement and learning services division that are currently in recruitment that will be key in our improving and expanding our online workshop / instructional offerings.  In addition, the communications team will work to incorporate recordings/live streaming into more of our public events and exhibitions.  



Apr 26, 2019 · suggestion box

Comment / Suggestion:  Hi, I saw a sign at Armstrong Hall indicating the study areas are part of the library. Why aren't there designated quiet study areas? I really think there should be, come finals in a couple of weeks. I would like this since sometimes I will walk into a room and it will be nice and quiet and then a group of people walk in, sit down, and are the loudest ones in the room and it is not like they're being courteous to the people already there; They're being loud and obnoxious.

Library Response:  Thanks for contacting us with your concerns about Armstrong Hall study space.  This study space was created specifically to add seating for students during the renovation of Hayden Library.  It's a shared space, and the library only manages it in the evening.  During the day, there isn't dedicated staff in the building to help support specific zoning of any of the study rooms as quiet or silent.  So we didn't want to create a situation where you can expect one thing in the evening but would have a different experience in the day time.  

When you know you need silent study space, we do have a great alternative to Armstrong:  Noble Library.  Noble has 54 individual study rooms and one large silent study room and is open 24 hours a day. 

In the fall semester, we will have additional study space again in Hayden, as one of the renovated floors will be open in August.  This will have a lot of seating, and will lessen the stress on Armstrong and Noble.  

Nov 16, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion: The men’s room in Noble on the first gloor (and possibly others) is only marked by a sign above the door, and has nothing on the door or beside it where a blind person might be able to feel and identify it.

Library Response:  Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention.  We are following up on this to ensure that our building signage is accessible to all, including those with visual impairments.  We very much appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Sep 06, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion:  I'm a former student who now uses ASU libraries online access and does research here. My concern is regarding blocking of websites online. I understand the reasons why ASU would want to restrict online access and block some kinds of sites, but the process sometimes seems arbitrary and contradictory. The immediate problem I'm having is that I want to participate in National Novel Writer's Month. This is an activity that has received [ublicity across ASU Web, including a press release on ASU News Now that was picked up by multiple ASU departments. Virginia Piper Writing Center has in the past offered a workshop tied to NaNoWriMo. Additionally. while the program's main website is blocked (nanowrimo.org) an affiliated site, (https://campnanowrimo.org) is not blocked. The two sites are sponsored by the same organization and the only difference is that the blocked site is for an activity in November and the unblocked site is for an activity in April.

Is there a process to appeal restricted access and have the site unblocked in time for the November activity this year? Thanks.

Library response:  Thank you for contacting us about your need to access this web site.  Our systems staff have unblocked it, and it should now be accessbile from all public access computers.  In the future, if you speak with someone at the Information Desk, they can submit your request to have something unblocked on your behalf. 

Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

Jul 31, 2018 ·

Comment/Suggestion:  I've noticed throughout the past year that you have been reducing the study areas in the third floor, and it's truly unwelcoming. I've noticed that you have replaced a large portion of the third floor study space with many unnecessary new library shelving's/books/files etc. There has always been enough books available at the library, but you have decided to infest the 3rd floor study area with these futile books/files etc. In addition, the third floor quiet study area has now been eliminated and transformed to the "Labriola National American Indian Data Center and Distinctive Collections", which contains "more books" and is only open for a few hours. It would be greatly appreciated if you can bring back the large quiet study area in the third floor by removing the "Labriola National American Indian Data Center" somewhere else. It has been very difficult for myself to find a decent quiet place to study at in Fletcher Library ever since you have removed the 3rd floor quiet study area.
-Thank you

Library Response:  Thank you for taking time to provide feedback on your experience studying in Fletcher Library.  We are very sorry you are having difficulty finding a quiet place to study when you need it.  It is true that we have had to make some changes to the library, most notably to accomodate materials that were temporarily relocated to Fletcher during the Hayden Library renovation.  For example, the Labriola Center will be returning to Hayden Library in 2020 when the renovation is complete.  In the meantime, it is providing an essential service for students and other researchers to access this unique research collection focusing on indigenous communities in the southwest.  

One option you have for quiet study, is to utilize the classroom on the first floor (room 101), which is open for silent study when not in use by classes.  In addition, there are many tables, chairs with privacy screens and desks surrounding the stacks on the 2nd and 3rd floor, which are also in quiet areas.  We are also evaluating our current shelving units on the 2nd floor to see if we can make adjustments and add more seating.  We hope that will help provide the study space that is needed by the students on the West campus.

Jul 31, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion: Can we please get online access to Wiley Online Library? A lot of articles are archived there that are unavailable on services like JStor....Thank you!

Library Response:  The good news is that we do have access to Wiley Online.  However, Wiley is a publisher and they publish a large number of journals, and we may not be subscribed to all of them.  To see if the journal you are interested in is available through Wiley, or another vendor, use the One Search box on the front library page and change the pull down menu to "Journal Titles."  We'd be happy to help you find what you need - just contact us via Ask a Librarian for online assistance via live chat or email.

Jul 13, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion:  I'm looking through databases for a paper and with some of the databases I'm getting access to, I'm not getting access to the articles at all. It seems pointless to have a database listed when we cannot access the articles to use. The top of the website says that it's provided to Arizona State University but as an ASU student, there's no actual access to the information.

Library response:  We are really sorry you are having trouble getting access to the full text of the articles you need.  Some of our databases have the full text integrated right in their interfaces, and others rely on linking (usually look for the "Get It" button to see if we have full text access).  When there isn't full text available, we are happy to provide that to you through our Interlibrary Loan service.  For most articles, the turnaround time for these requests is less than 24 hours. 

We are happy to provide more timely, and sometimes immediate, online support thorugh our Ask a Librarian service.  Librarians are available to help you find the resources you need.  

May 22, 2018 ·

Comment/Suggestion:  Give alumni online off-campus access

Library Response:  Thank you for contacting us regarding off-campus access to online resources.  We know this would be a service that many alumni would appreciate, and understand why.  Currently our contracts with our online resource vendors restrict us to providing access to currently enrolled students and currently affiliated faculty and staff.  All alumni, as well as community patrons, are welcome to come to any ASU campus and access resources via the guest wifi (you don't need to be in a library).

That said, we do have some suggestions for accessing online resources.  If you are a resident of the state of Arizona, Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records provides Arizona residents access to many online resources. Your local public library also will provide access to numerous online resources as well.  If you reside near a college or university, you may be able to visit their campus library in person to access their resources.

If you would like assistance identifying options for your research, please use our Ask a Librarian service (chat or email) for personal assistance..

May 03, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion: The library is no longer a quiet place to read or study. Noble Library “quiet” areas are teeming with noisy groups who could be occupying other areas like the MU where noise is expected. I had to cover my ears while browsing the stacks today to drown the noise and be able to concentrate. The “walk only” zones are enforced on campus sidewalks; why are the “quiet zones” not enforced in libraries? If there is no place to get a quiet moment at the library, then where on campus can one do so? It is not viable to ask that patrons ask other patrons to keep the noise down. Library staff should do the job of controlling the noise levels. After all, the signs are there to be enforced.

Library Response:  Thank you for sharing your feedback about your experience in Noble Library.  I'm sorry that you weren't able to comfortably browse the stacks in an environment you expected.  We have zoned the library so that the stacks should be in quiet zones, and if we know that there is disruptive behavior going on, we are happy to kindly ask library customers to respect the quiet zone, or move to a group study zone.  Please alert us at the Information Desk on level one that intervention is needed.

That said, we also understand that the library is much busier and louder during finals week.  Students are very stressed and tired.  They are often working on group projects or studying for exams together, and therefore the demand for the collaborative spaces exceed the supply.  We try to be understanding of everyone's needs, and know that come Friday of finals week, the library will be back to its normal, expectedly quiet environment.  


May 03, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion: It is brought to my attention how dirty the computers and keyboards are. I would really appreciate if they were maintained better. It is uncomfortable to see how nothing is done day after day with the dirty keyboards. If it is too much to ask to have them cleaned, can you provide cleaning wipes so we can do it ourselves.

Library Response:  Thanks for letting us know that you are experiencing this problem at the Fletcher Library.  We partner with UTO on the computers, and their staff does do some cleaning.  We will work with them to see about increasing the frequency of this process, especially in times of high computer use.  In the meantime, please come to the library's Information Desk on level 1 and we will happily provide Clorox/Purell wipes for any need.

May 03, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion: The ceilings in Noble and Hayden are really low and because of that, the lighting is way too bright for effective studying. I recommend that the bulbs be replaced with less lumens or to install some type of dimmer that'll adjust the light to a more comfortable setting. Students that study in the evenings/nights are getting eye strain from having to squint from how obnoxious the flourescent bulbs tend to be. It glares off the white tables and it feels like we're inside of a giant grocery store that's filled with tables and red eyed students. Overall, they're terribly outdated and they distract us from being able to focus.

Library Response:  Thank you so much for this constructive feedback about the lighting in Hayden and Noble Libraries.  Our goal is to create an environment in our libraries that is optimally conducive for productivity and comfort.  We are in the process of determining the post-renovation Hayden Library lighting, and are being mindful of the needs of different kinds of work in teh building, but will also be in touch with university facilities to see what we can do right away in the libraries we have.  It's too late for this semester (spring 2018), but we will try to improve it for the future.

May 03, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion:  I'm not sure what is up with the ASU library database and website, but it has been consistently slow, glitchy, riddled with error messages, and crashes quite frequently for me (and my fellow classmates in Tucson). This has gone on for the majority of the last two years in my graduate studies, and has negatively affected my ability to conduct research. For the amount of money that students invest in our education at ASU, we expect better. I've attended 4 major universities in my life (and this is my 4th degree), and this website functions the worst by far. I'm graduating in May, but I sincerely hope you can address this issue for future students!

Library Response:  We know that it has been a difficult time since we transitioned to our new library system last summer and we are sorry for that.  It has not performed up to our standards, and we know we are not meeting our goal of ensuring students, faculty and other researchers reliable access to our information resources. We have been working with our data and metadata to improve the system performance, and ahve been working with our vendor to improve the system.  We have worked out a lot of the glitches, but know that we have more work to do.  We are optimistic that soon we will not only have reliable access to resources, but that we will be able to develop new and innovative tools to enhance the research experience.

May 03, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion:  Hi! I was hoping we could have more than one video conferencing rooms for job/internship interviews at ASU Tempe campus. ASU has a good internet connectively and a room in the library would provide a professional feel during the interviews which would work in favor of the student. The one at Noble is usually unavailable when you need it. Students will be largely benefited if more options are made available to them. 

Library Response:  Thank you for this great suggestion.  We have heard that the video conferencing room at Noble is a great resource, and know that it would be good to have more like that.  We will look for opportunities to incorporate that into our spaces and services

Jan 17, 2018 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion: Can you create a how to search video for the new version of the online library? The last version of the online search was great, but the new version one search has been a pain to work with.

Library response:  We're so sorry that the new search is frustrating for you. We really want to make it easier to use, and are working on that every day. In the meantime, we do have some help material - including a video - available online at https://libguides.asu.edu/c.php?g=686832&p=4853762.  If you still have trouble, don't hesitate to contact us via Ask a Librarian - we can work with you via our live chat to help you make more efficient use of your search time.

Dec 07, 2017 ·

Comment/Suggestion:  I understand the need for books to be moved due to the renovation, but does this need to happen, noisily and obtrusively for hours on end, in the middle of finals week? Especially in so-called "silent study" zones?

Library Response:  We are very sorry for the disruption that moving books out of Hayden Library has caused during finals week.  Unfortunately, due to strict deadlines to be prepared for construction we weren't able to pause the move during finals.  We very much regret that we weren't able to provide reliable silent study this week.

Jul 24, 2017 ·

Comment/Suggestion:  how about having chat capability for ask a librarian?

Library Response:  Regular users of "Ask a Librarian" may have noticed that things have changed a little this summer.  We have upgraded to new software to provide the service, and are in the process of training new library professionals to provide chat support.  We have had to reduce the hours chat is available during this transition, but by the fall semester we plan on expanding those hours to later in the evening.  In the meantime, if chat isn't available when you connect with Ask a Librarian, please leave your question in the form, and one of our information professionals will respond via email as soon as possible.

Apr 03, 2017 ·

Comment/Suggestion:  Why are people still taking in the first floor silent area?

Library Response:  We understand this is a frustrating situation, especially at this time of the semester.  If this kind of disruption continues beyond a few minutes, please let us know.  You can come to the Hayden Library administration office on the same floor, and we will be happy to intervene on your behalf.  

Apr 03, 2017 · suggestion box

Several students have noted that the water fountains in Hayden Library are out of commission right now.  The university facilities department are actively working on installing new water fountains, with cold filtered water and bottle fillers, on each floor.  The work is scheduled to be completed very soon.

We apologize for the thirsty inconvenience this has caused, and we all are looking forward to nice, cold, filtered water very soon.

Feb 21, 2017 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion:  My question was regarding rooms where students can give interview. This is very important time where most of the job/internship interviews are scheduled. There should be some provision of rooms where students can give interviews. As, internship marks for 1 credit hour in graduate studies.

Library Response:  We have had this feedback from many students, and we understand having more of these rooms available would be very useful for you.  Currently there is one room at the Noble Library that can be reserved online for video or phone conferencing or interviews.  We will see if we can identify other options on campus for students needing this type of service.  

Feb 20, 2017 · suggestion box

There are specific study zones in Hayden and Noble Libraries in particular, that exist to help students choose the environment that will best suit their study needs.  This only works when these study zones are respected by everyone.  We have had several comments lately that indicate this is more than occasionally a problem:

I wish there were more supervision/enforcement of the basic rules in the red silent study zones. Too many people seem to believe that the rules are there as suggestions more than anything else, and therefore form small discussion groups, chat on their phones, or otherwise disrupt the quiet. Someone asking a quick question is fine, of course, but a couple chatting for 30 minutes about their weekend plans, or someone talking to a friend on the phone for ten minutes - these are major annoyances that take away from the silent study experience.

I agree with one of the earlier posts about loud talking in a quiet area. This really needs to be enforced. It should not be as loud as it is in a group study area in a quiet study area. Can there be people enforcing this around the library periodically?

We are very sorry that this is a problem in the study zones.  We will do our best to increase  staff visibility in the quiet and silent areas more often to help reinforce the quiet zones.  But we also ask that you speak up and ask your neighbors to move to green/group zones if they need to talk.  If this is a problem, if you can step away for a few moments to call the front desk at the Hayden Library at 480-065-3605, we will then dispatch someone immediately to come assist you.


Jan 17, 2017 · suggestion box

Comment/Suggestion:  Can the level of noise in the study zones be more enforced? It feels like I am in the group study area because it is so loud in the quiet study area. The noise level is bothersome in the quiet study area and I would appreciate if that was more enforced. On another note, more desks and tables should have outlets. It is very convenient to find a desk with an outlet so I can stay there all day and are not bothered by moving to a seat with an outlet.  

Library Response:  We do try to monitor the noise levels in the study zones in Noble, but we are always happy to intervene when alerted to problems.  If you are being disturbed by the noise, please alert any library staff member (who will be wearing an ASU Library name tag) and they will be happy to intervene.  

We also appreciate the need to add more access to outlets.  We try to do that at every opportunity, and will continue to do so.  

Jan 13, 2017 ·

Comment/Suggestion: PLEASE fix the outlet in room 244 Noble library.  Plugging into the outlet, the plug just falls out since it is loose and creates a safety hazard .

Library Response:  Thank you so much for alerting us to this problem.  We reported this to facilities on January 12, and they will fix it as soon as possible.

Jan 10, 2017 · suggestion box

Suggestion:  Please provide more interview/ video conferencing rooms at the Noble Library.

Library Response:  We've been so pleased at the positive response to the addition of the interview/video conference room in Noble Library this year.  We are noting the need to expand this type of resource and will see how we can do so as we improve all our library facilities.