ASU Library event policy

The ASU Library sponsors a program of events in our buildings and adjacent exterior spaces intended to inspire and engage with our community. We actively seek to partner with university entities to develop and host events that enhance the scholarly or cultural life of the university community, in alignment with our mission, vision and goals.

We use the following guidelines for event development:

  • We regularly prefer to work in close partnership with academic units.
  • The Library will also sponsor events of its own that are closely aligned with our own strategic goals and operational priorities.
  • We seek to minimize the disruption or disturbance of normal library study environments.
  • Student organizations and student service offices of the University are welcome to propose partnerships and will be judged by how closely such proposals align with Library goals and activities.
  • The University Librarian must expressly approve all partnership events.

We are not able to host events for commercial entities.

If interested in developing an event in partnership with the library, please contact Jennifer Duvernay, Associate University Librarian for Communications and Donor Relations.