Mission and Vision

A student pours sand out of her hand into the sandbox in the Map and Geospatial Hub

At Arizona State University, we are building a new library for the 21st century – one that is as inspiring as it is welcoming, both an incubator of creativity and a monument to human complexity.

As new technologies, disciplines and opportunities for discovery continue to emerge, the learning and research needs of ASU students and faculty demand a library that is both agile and robust, community-centered and service-minded, imaginative and engaged, and equipped to support a growing and dynamic university that is driven by innovation.

Our Mission

ASU Library is the gateway to the ASU educational enterprise and thus a critical partner in realizing the New American University mission, of which success is measured not by whom it excludes, but by whom it includes and how they succeed.

  1. Deliver high-quality resources to all ASU users – whatever they need, wherever they are – in support of academic excellence and accessibility.
  2. Collaborate with faculty and students in a culture of "inquiry entrepreneurship" – defined by active learning and original research – and through innovative partnerships and professionalism.
  3. Inspire and engage the ASU community and the world through creative design that enhances the local impact and social embeddedness of library services, programs and expertise.