Cuban War of Independence news

A zoom in on the troop positions to show them in greater detail. The names of regiments and divisions, as well as the names of their commanding officers can be seen, and descriptions of fortifications such as trenches and gun emplacements

Map of the Month: November 2023

In 1898, Cuba was in the midst of a bloody war for independence from Spain that had been raging for three years. American public opinion swayed dramatically towards support through the 1890s, especially with American journalists fully embracing Yellow Journalism to exaggerate and embellish the atroc...

A cropped portion of the 1897 “Map of Cuba” highlighting the Florida Keys, Andros Island, and Cuba. From west to east is the Gulf of Mexico, the Straits of Florida, the Great Bahama Bank, and the Bahama Islands.

Map of the Month: March 2022

Our March Map of the Month is this historic 1897 "Map of Cuba” published by an American company during the Cuban War of Independence, mere months before the start of the Spanish-American War. It portrays the various provinces, towns, and railroads of Cuba as well as its surrounding islands and close...