Make a difference on Sun Devil Giving Day

Published March 20, 2024
Updated March 28, 2024

Sun Devil Giving Day is ASU’s biggest philanthropic event of the year! This day greatly impacts the causes you care about. Each gift, regardless of size, makes a difference. 

Portrait of student in Naturespace smiling with animal specimens on display in the background
Suhrud Parag Joglekar is enrolled in the master’s program in robotics and autonomous systems and has worked at Naturespace since 2022. 

Meet Suhrud, a student employee in the ASU Library’s Naturespace, a dedicated interdisciplinary center for finding inspiration from nature. Suhurd engages with students exploring the library’s natural history collection. From looking after the seed library and conducting workshops, he helps make the library welcoming for the ASU community. 

In 2023, Suhrud received the Tomalee Doan LibAid for Student Success Award for his outstanding work in the library. Every day, nearly 200 student workers across the ASU Library system help fellow students, faculty and community members access library services and collections. 

On Sun Devil Giving Day on March 21, we invite you to consider the causes you care about at the ASU Library and support those causes with a gift.

Give to Tomalee Doan LibAid for Student Success.

Support a library cause you care about

Gifts from donors like you strengthen the library resources, tools and 21st-century learning spaces that drive ASU excellence. When you make a gift to the ASU Library, you create greater opportunities for Sun Devils to learn and thrive!

  • Black Collections at ASU Library: Your gift will help preserve and share stories of Black and African American people and communities at ASU, in Arizona and beyond.

  • A student and archivist reviewing archival materials together.
    Jessica Salow (left), curator of Black Collections

    Community-Driven Archives: Your gift will help preserve and share the stories of Arizona’s and ASU’s diverse people and communities. 

  • Labriola National American Indian Data Center: Your gift supports the advancement of the educational, historical and sociocultural needs of students, scholars and Indigenous communities.

  • ASU Libraries' Excellence Fund: When you give to the Libraries Excellence Fund, you empower Sun Devils to learn and thrive as students and scholars during their time at ASU.

With thousands of funds to choose from, you can champion the causes you care about and make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you for making a difference today!

Support the ASU Library on Sun Devil Giving Day.