New Web Application: 1918 National Parks and Monuments

Published March 8, 2024
Updated March 15, 2024

A new Web App, 1918 National Parks and Monuments, is now live on ASU Geodata. This App digitizes a map of the National Park and Monument system in its infancy and overlays it across a modern map of the United States, allowing the user to explore the NPS two years after its creation.

A screenshot of the full WebApp.
The insets for Alaska and Puerto Rico have also been georeferenced.

Each Park and Monument unit on the map has been digitized. Selecting a unit will provide the user with more info about it, shedding some light on the history for each location.

A subsection of the National Parks and Monuments Web App, centered on Mesa Verde National Park. An info box is visible, providing a few facts for the Park as well as an image of it.
Every unit on the map is selectable and has an info box for the user to browse.

Additionally, a modern day layer of the National Park Service is included. Those are the lilac polygons that are seemingly floating over the map. Some of the units on the original map are significantly displaced from their real-world location, showcasing just how advanced mapping technology has become since the publication of this map.  

A subsection of the National Parks and Monuments map centered on Sequoia National Park. Old Boundary is in Red and is very rectangular, while the modern-day boundaries are in a lilac color and are significantly larger.
1918 Map borders for Sequoia National Park in Red, with the modern boundaries highlighted. 

Users can also use the Swipe tool found on the left to further enhance their exploration. All layers are compatible, simply select the layers you'd like to swipe and drag the bar to the left or right. 

An example of the Swipe Tool in motion. A vertical bar separates the map with the older map to the left and a modern-day map on the right.
The Swipe tool in action.

We hope you enjoy exploring the differences in the National Park service then and now with our 1918 National Parks and Monuments WebApp! If you'd like to learn even more about this map, please check out our Map of the Month post for March 2024.

If you’d like to access the high resolution of scan of this map, please submit a Map/Geo Service Request. We’ll be sure to get back to you within two business days, but typically sooner. 

    -Eric Friesenhahn, Map and GIS Specialist