Looking for quiet study space? We got you covered

Published Feb. 19, 2020
Updated Oct. 18, 2021

students use a whiteboard in a library study room With mid-terms on the horizon, here is where you can find all the quiet spaces you need to get your work done.

Quiet study areas are available at every library on every ASU campus.

Whether it’s a silent study room or classroom that is not being used, student have access to a variety of spaces depending on their campus location and project needs.

Design and the Arts Library on the Tempe campus
This library on the Tempe campus boasts one of the largest silent study rooms with tables and comfortable chairs in addition to individual study carrels.

Downtown Phoenix campus Library
Quiet study can be yours in The Vault, an area with soft seating and dimmer lighting. Directly behind The Vault is a space that comes with individual study carrels and is detached from high-traffic areas. While not located in a designated quiet area, study rooms offer some privacy and can be reserved ahead of time.  

Fletcher Library on the West campus
Quiet refuge can be found in in the western wing of the Fletcher Library’s third floor, where there are numerous desks with dividers, pub tables and comfortable chairs with privacy scrims. On the lower level of Fletcher Library, silent study is encouraged and an array of comfortable seating is provided.

Hayden Library on the Tempe campus
Take in the atmosphere of quiet and cozy, available on nearly every level of Hayden Library. Starting at the top, level 4 of Hayden Library offers Brody chairs that come equipped with light and power, not to mention the privacy and elegance of a business class airline seat. This floor offers individual study carrels and comfortable seating with power outlets. If you prefer to be surrounded by books, this is the place for you. There are even little study nooks within featured collection walls.

On level 3 of Hayden Library, the instruction room 317 can be used for study space when it is not in use. On level 2, the west wall with floor-to-ceiling glass windows has comfortable seating and is often quiet. Study carrels and study nooks are available throughout, and when not in use, instructions rooms 232 and 236 can be used as study space. The Luhrs Reading Room on the ground floor of Hayden Library also provides an atmosphere of quiet.

Any of the classrooms on the Concourse and lower level of Hayden Library can be used for study space when not in use, and the open study area to the west of the underground courtyard (C55) is often very quiet.

Music Library on the Tempe campus
Often quiet, this Tempe campus gem provides near-silent study on the west side of the library, where students can find study carrels, tables and comfortable seating.

Noble Library on the Tempe campus
With 55 individual study rooms on the second and third floor (all available on a first come, first serve basis), Noble Library is a haven for those seeking a quiet study environment. The individual rooms each provide a chair, desk, outlet and quiet privacy. One area on the second floor of Noble Library, near the Writing Center, has been designated Silent Study and offers tables, desks, comfortable chairs and computer workstations.

Polytechnic campus Library
Silent study spaces are located in the southeast and southwest corners of the Polytechnic Library, and both areas have study carrels and outlets. See the floor plan for more information.

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