Grow your creativity at ASU Open Door

Published Jan. 24, 2023
Updated Feb. 10, 2023

Once a year ASU throws open its doors and invites the community inside for exciting events on each campus. Bring the whole family, make it a class trip, or invite friends of all ages! This year, the ASU Library will be offering a special nature journaling activity at all ASU Open Door events. 

A taxidermied flying squirrel posed with its arms stretched out as if in flight.

Draw, learn and observe the nature around you. Join us to create your own nature journal. Learn how to record details about animals, shells, flowers and patterns. See items that have been brought from the library’s Naturespace, natural history collection.

Find us at the following ASU Open Door events. All events take place from 1 to 5 p.m.

In addition to nature journaling, there are dozens of activities from looking at images from the James Webb Space Telescope and experimenting in a Mad Food Science Laboratory. There is something for everyone! Discover a world of new experiences, emerging technologies, and find your interest. 

Learn more about ASU Open Door activities.