Database Discovery: Mapping demographic data with PolicyMap

Published Feb. 23, 2024
Updated March 27, 2024

Do you need to find demographic or statistical data for a research paper or thesis project? 

If you are searching for data about population, ethnicity, income, housing, education, marital status, and many more topics, PolicyMap is the library database for you. 

Here are five things to know about PolicyMap and how it can help you with your research.

  1. PolicyMap is useful for students, faculty and researchers conducting demographic analysis. From social sciences to health sciences, you can analyze patterns, trends and variations within populations. This resource is valuable for business planning, public policy development, marketing strategies, social research and more.

  2. Quickly generate a Community Profile report, a Community Health report, a Rental Housing report, or a Home Mortgage report based on location (City, County, State, Zip, School District, Congressional District, etc.).

  3. Overlay up to five pieces of data onto the map simultaneously. Explore combinations such as voting outcomes with education levels or health conditions and access to healthy foods. Experiment with layering different types of data to discover new insights!

  4. Export trend charts with key benchmarks and download data for integration with other tools. Bonus! You can upload your own data to view and compare it with PolicyMap data.

  5. Explore the Curated Collection of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Data. Accessible from the far-right menu on the mapping page, the SDOH menu enables researchers to examine health outcomes by understanding the related social aspects. Categories include life expectancy and mortality, financial stability, environmental hazards, etc. This data can then be further aggregated by race/ethnicity or age. This feature is available through 2024.

Bonus! Jump right into making a map by watching The New PolicyMap Quick Start video.

Harness data for your demographic analysis and explore PolicyMap today!

Questions regarding PolicyMap or another database? Contact Ask a Librarian to get help today. 

A screenshot of PolicyMap showing the median rent in Tempe for a two-bedroom apartment
This example of PolicyMap shows the median rent in Tempe for a two-bedroom apartment.

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