ASU Library Organizational Chart

This top level view of the organizational structure at the ASU Library reflects a re-envisioned institution that will meet the needs of users now and in the future, especially in this era of library transformation. Centered around the core leadership, five library departments equally contribute and comprise the ASU Library.

The University Librarian, Jim O’Donnell, collaborates with each of the five directorate leaders.

First, Administrative Services, led by Lillie Johnson, is comprised of three areas of responsibility: Business and Fiscal Services, Human Resources and Facilities Maintenance.

Second, Collections Services and Analysis, led by Lorrie McAllister, is comprised of nine sub-units: Acquisitions and Metadata, Archives, Distinctive Collections, Labriola National American Indian Data Center, Library Analytics, Licensed Collections, Open Stack Collections, Preservation Services and the Senator John S. McCain Papers Project.

Third, Communications and Donor Relations, led by Jennifer Duvernay, is comprised of six main areas of responsibility:  Strategic Communications, Media Relations, Publications and Social Media, Graphic Design, Donor Relations, Events and Organizational Projects.

Fourth, Engagement and Learning Services, led in an interim capacity by Debra Riley-Huff, is made up of nine sub-units or areas of responsibility: Learning Services, E-Learning and Instruction, STEM Division, Social Sciences Division, Humanities Division, Makerspace, Map and Geospatial Hub, Data Science and Analytics, and Space Planning and Projects.

Finally, Technology Services, led by Debra Hanken Kurtz, is comprised of six sub-units: Digital Preservation and Curation, Information Architecture, Online Strategy, Research Data Services, Systems and Web Services.