Beginning in Summer 2018, a series of projects allowed us to explore how people engage with print books.

  • Books on a bookshelf with a description of the theme.

    Health Humanities Horizons

    A collection of books, DVDs, and CDs chosen by faculty from The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the College of Health Solutions, the New College and the Nursing College.

    Read the Health Humanities Horizons report (pdf)

  • ASU students and staff sitting and watching artists prepare for talk.

    ¡Vamos Argentina!

    A series of lectures, art installations, and demonstrations highlighting aspects of the Argentine culture and drawing attention to the Library's Argentine print collection.

    Read the ¡Vamos Argentina! report (pdf)

  • Books organized on a display table with a sign to describe the topic.

    Untold Histories

    A collection of books representing different cultures, background, and testimonials chosen by students to encourage others to tell their own stories.

    Read the Untold Histories report (pdf)

  • Books arranged backwards on a bookshelf so that their spines cannot be seen.

    Surprise Me!

    An experiment to see how students respond to and interact with books shelved in non-traditional ways.

    Read the Surprise Me! report (pdf)

  • The Dust and Shadow experience

    Dust & Shadow: An Acoustic Ecology Salon

    An immersive, audio and print experience of the Southwest desert.

    Dust & Shadow is hosted in partnership with the Institute for Humanities Research and the Institute for Desert Humanities.

  • Visual Bibliography display showing books and a video.

    Visual Bibliographies

    A closer look at the research process that highlights faculty publications and interviews.

    Check out our library guide for more information.

Upcoming Projects

Beyond Books: Creating Inclusive and Accessible Library Spaces | March 1 - 31, 2020

As part of their student thesis, Alexis Juarez and Carly Goulding have compiled resources that explore accessibility in libraries and other community spaces.     

This project will culminate in an interactive, student-led discussion about accessibility in the library on Wednesday, April 1st from 6:30-8:00 PM in the Hayden Library, room 236. This event aims to generate solutions about promoting accessibility in public spaces and raise awareness about disability issues on campus.