Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus Library Display Space

Arizona State University Polytechnic campus library is located in the heart of the campus surrounded by a growing East Valley community and adjacent to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. The library serves more than 9,600 students. The campus is home to 500 families and hundreds of single students and also serves visitors from the surrounding communities of Mesa, Queen Creek and Gilbert. The campus library is located in the Lower Level of the Academic Center Building and has display space available for local artists and exhibitors. The Library is located at 5988 S. Backus Mall, Mesa, AZ 85212.

While the actual space is available at no cost, the artist/exhibitor is responsible for all costs associated with display. This includes, but is not limited to: hanging and removal of the works including their transportation, signage, focusing existing lighting, parking, publicity, etc. ASU may be able to offer a limited amount of internal publicity, e.g. posting on ASU website, notifying students, faculty, staff, displaying posters, etc.

  1. Requests to display should be submitted to Kathy Sullivan. Please include complete contact information, and a brief description of, or web link to your work, and use the subject heading “Request for Display Space”.
  2. The space is intended for the display of two dimensional works. Three dimensional works (e.g. sculptures, models, etc.) will require special review and approval. Works containing media and sound will also require special approval. See the Installation Guidelines for further details.
  3. The standard time period for display is 3 months which includes installation and removal. Display hours will be those of the Polytechnic campus Library and artists/exhibitors are welcome to view the space during those times. The hours can be found at
  4. Displayed materials are afforded the same security protection as that of all library materials. Additional security cannot be provided by the ASU Polytechnic campus.
  5. Receptions are available only under “Special Approval” by Ms. Sullivan, and should be included in the initial display request. Any reception must occur outside the normal operating hours of the Polytechnic campus Library. All costs associated with receptions, including staff overtime, parking, food, invitations, security, etc., are the responsibility of the artist/exhibitor and must follow all ASU and local regulations.
  6. The gallery available is part of a working library. It is used by our students for their research, study, and class work. The students and their work are our first priority. The ability to move furniture and equipment is only available under special circumstances, with prior approval and arrangements, and only for a very limited period of time. Any costs associated with moving equipment and furniture are the responsibility of the artist/exhibitor.