Accessing Licensed Electronic Resources at Arizona State University

Licensed Electronic Resources

Arizona State University provides access to electronic resources (e-resources) including primary source book/journal collections as well as secondary indexing or reference type materials through licensing agreements. As a public university it is important for ASU Library to be able to serve the community. With this in mind, licensing agreements with e-resource vendors allow the general public to access electronic resources from within Library facilities. Though there is some variability dependent on the language of specific licensing agreements, most licenses allow authorized users to: (1) print, download, and quote for teaching, research, and personal uses; (2) create links to specific articles rather than a resource home page; and (3) email articles to other authorized users.

Licensing agreements with e-resource vendors typically require that off-campus access be limited to current faculty, staff, and students (in credit-earning courses). It should be appreciated that these are legally binding documents and the level of remote access is a non-negotiable part of these contracts. The fair use provisions of U.S. Copyright Law apply to the use of licensed e-resources and are addressed in some licensing agreements; however, these databases are restricted to Authorized Users.

How does the library/campus ensure only authorized users have access?

Access to e-resources is controlled by limiting access to the IP numbers of campus computers. Library-licensed e-resources can be accessed from off campus computers through the Library link in the Tools & Resources section of the MyASU webpage ( Entry requires a valid ASURITE ID number and is password protected.

Who is authorized to have remote access?

Individuals authorized to have remote access to e-resources should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Students
    • Undergraduate and Graduate Students currently enrolled in credit-earning courses
    • Exchange Scholars
  • Regular Faculty
  • Adjunct, Clinical and ASU Emeritus Faculty
  • Visiting Scholars
  • Military Faculty
  • Academic Professionals
  • Post Doctoral Fellows
  • Classified Staff
  • Service Professionals
  • ASU Foundation
  • Arizona Board of Regents
  • Council of Religious Advisors
  • TGEN Affiliates
  • University Public School Affiliates

These users [above] make up the official FTE count that is reported to library vendors as the basis for eligibility to use their resources. The ASU Library is unable to make exceptions.