Policies and guidelines for ASU Library facilities use

  1. University and Campus Needs.  University and campus needs take precedence over requests from external groups.  The ASU Library collaborates with ASU schools, colleges, academic departments and academic support units to provide library instruction, services for students, and university or campus outreach and promotion.

  2. Public Functions.  The ASU Library is an attractive venue for public events and functions, and these uses encourage stronger ties with the community.  Public events, i.e. those not sponsored by the University, may be subjected to certain administrative rules and fees that vary by library.  An event’s potential impact on students’ routine use of the library will be a prime consideration.

  3. For Profit Enterprises.  Library space is not to be used for private business or for profit purposes unless the enterprise has a contract with the University.

  4. Solicitations and Promotions.  The ASU Library does not provide space for campaigns, solicitations, external fundraising, surveys, etc. unless they represent an academic or university priority.

  5. Posters and Flyers.  Posted material and flyers require prior approval.

  6. Library Instruction Facilities.  Library related instruction is the priority for all ASU Library instruction rooms.  Each library has its own policy regarding its room uses

  7. Library Meeting Rooms.  Request for use of a meeting room is considered on a case-by-case basis.

  8. Sales and Service of Alcoholic Beverages.  Requests must comply with the University’s policy on sales and service of alcoholic beverages.


For questions or additional information, contact:

  • Design and the Arts Library - 480-965-6400
  • Downtown Phoenix campus Library - 602-496-0300
  • Fletcher Library - 602-543-8520
  • Hayden Library - 480-965-3605
  • Music Library - 480-965-3513
  • Noble Library - 480-965-2600
  • Polytechnic campus Library - 480-727-1037