World War I news

Historic world map showing nations of the interwar period accompanied by illustrations of 56 flags of the world’s “leading nations”

Map of the Month: May 2022

Our May Map of the Month is this 1930s “Map of the World with Flags of the Leading Nations”. It shows the various complicated international borders of the interwar period as well as illustrations of the flags of the world’s leading nations and a plethora of related information on it...

 Map depicting the Mesopotamian Theater of World War I including cities, topography, and existing borders

Map of the Month: January 2022

Our January Map of the Month is this 1916 map of “The Theatre of War in Mesopotamia”, displaying Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq and Syria) and Persia (modern-day Iran) as they appeared in the midst of World War I. This map was published in Edward Stanford’s War Map No. 9  and includes...