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Historic world map showing nations of the interwar period accompanied by illustrations of 56 flags of the world’s “leading nations”

Map of the Month: May 2022

Our May Map of the Month is this 1930s “Map of the World with Flags of the Leading Nations”. It shows the various complicated international borders of the interwar period as well as illustrations of the flags of the world’s leading nations and a plethora of related information on it...

Illustrated map of the Grand Canyon showing canyon detail, tourist attractions, Native American cultural icons of Northern Arizona, and various related comics

Map of the Month: November 2021

Our November Map of the Month is this illustrated map titled “Grand Canyon” by Uruguayan-American artist Jo Mora. The map depicts approximately one fourth of the Grand Canyon, focusing on the portion most frequented by tourists. It features a variety of insets and illustrations high...

view of the ghost town of Tombstone with an illustration of a gunslinger and three other nearby ghost towns

Map of the Month: October 2021

Our October Map of the Month is this 1963 map titled “Arizona’s Lost Mines and Ghost Towns”. It features some of Arizona’s most famous lost mines and ghost towns as well as the more obscure, and it includes many illustrations related to Arizona’s history and the “Wild West” era that...