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1925 yearbook photo

Photo album sparks discovery of ASU's first female African American graduate

Michele Neptune McHenry and her husband, Joseph McHenry, were slowly making their way through the photo album when they came upon the photos and name card. The card, gray in tone, was about 1-by-2 inches. On it was a name: Miss Stella McHenry....

Rashida Scott

Black Collections are Essential to the Learning Community - Rashida Scott Blades

Arizona State University (ASU) has over 559,300 alumni and has educated thousands more through certificate programs. With the continuous expansion of ASU, thousands more will be educated and have access to the library resources that ASU offers. This means that there has not been a Black Collection i...

Portrait of J. Eugene Grigsby Jr., 1960

The J. Eugene Grigsby Jr. Papers

The J. Eugene Grigsby Jr. Papers, which document the life and career of this prominent and influential Black artist and scholar, provide an exciting addition to ASU’s growing collection of primary source materials representing the rich history of the Black community in Central Arizona.   ...