Student wins spring 2020 LibAid for Student Success award

ASU student worker Jeet Patel has been awarded the ASU Library’s spring 2020 LibAid for Student Success award.

Over the last two years, Patel has delivered exceptional customer service while working as a Library Student Aide III in monographic processing at CLRB, on ASU’s Polytechnic campus, under the supervision of Debra Faulkner.

“Jeet always goes above and beyond,” said Faulkner, a Materials Processing Operations Supervisor for Cataloging Operations and Services. “He puts his best effort all the time and is willing to lend assistance whenever needed.”

Juggling his undergraduate studies in global agribusiness with his duties as a library student worker, Patel processes books and other materials for eight libraries across four campuses. Each day, he creates and confirms correct spine labels for each item before putting them into transit – a “simple, yet seemingly endless task that is vital to the operation of the library at ASU, and when done correctly, as Jeet makes sure, ultimately helps users to find the items that they need in our library system,” said Faulkner.

Patience, strong intellect, conscientiousness and a compassionate heart – the ability to put people at ease with a cheerful smile and a helping hand – were some of the ways the award committee characterized Patel’s work performance and interactions with fellow workers.

The LibAid for Student Success award, which comes with a $750 monetary award, was created in 2019 through the generosity of an anonymous donor with the goal of providing further support to a well-rounded student employee who shows a high level of commitment to serving the library and the university. The award is given bi-annually at the end of the fall and spring semesters.

Patel says the monetary prize will further enhance his college experience: “It has lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on school and other personal development,” said Patel. “I hope one day I will be able to give back to our community and help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

Working at the library has been a game-changer for Patel: “Over the last few years, the ASU Library has become part of my family,” he said. “Being an international student, it’s easy to be scared that you won’t fit in but working at ASU Library has given me that feeling of home away from home.”

More than 200 student employees serve the ASU community daily from eight library locations contributing to the success and impact of university research, academics and campus life. Through this award, the ASU Library seeks to recognize their outstanding contributions. 

Patty Odle, Program Manager for events and communications at the library, said the spring 2020 award nominees were truly outstanding.

“I do not always have the privilege of knowing all of the excellent library student workers that ASU Library employs,” said Odle. “It was a pleasure to learn about this extraordinary cohort of nominees through the supervisor nominations and student applications that were submitted.”