New Web Map for Accessing Phoenix LiDAR Data

Published Jan. 11, 2018
Updated Oct. 18, 2021

Demand for the USGS LiDAR data pre-released to the ASU community  has been high.

To streamline access to these critically valuable data, and to maximize their impact across the multitude of potential sustainability applications, the Map and Geospatial Hub has deposited the entire USGS LiDAR data package into a publicly-accessible instance of Dropbox.

Users interested in accessing the LiDAR and LiDAR-derived data products now have a convenient new tool to do so, an interactive web app: USGS Metro Phoenix LiDAR Data Index. Check it out!

This new web app will be particularly beneficial for patrons interested in accessing the raw point cloud (available in las and laz file formats) and the derived bare earth DEM (available in tif file format).

GIS users can interactively search, navigate around, and zoom in and out of the app to identify the specific subset of point cloud or DEM data they're interested in.

Once the particular file corresponding to one's area of interest is identified, that file can be easily extracted from the cloud-based Dropbox instance currently being used to store and disseminate those data. Additional details are found in the full text description of the new web app: USGS Metro Phoenix LiDAR Data Index.

So, what are you waiting for? Get busy mapping, greater Phoenix!