Hayden2020: Student Study Spaces

Published Dec. 02, 2019
Updated Oct. 18, 2021

Photo of a glassed in room with three small tables, several chairs and a flat screen monitor on the back wall.
One of four presentation practice rooms found on the newly renovated Level 2 of Hayden Library

Two blue couches centered among several tall white library book shelves filled with books.
Level 4 features a number of surprising study spaces nestled among the book shelves.
Student success is not only our No. 1 priority, it is a major guiding principle of the Hayden Library renovation. As the student population at ASU continues to grow, so do the types of work that students need to accomplish.

With this design inspiration in mind, the ASU Library set out to increase, enhance and diversify study spaces in Hayden Library. Moving away from the study zone system of the past, the ASU Library has implemented a variety of work and study options throughout Hayden Library:

Level 2 includes a lot of open spaces, tables and specific study rooms designed to provide students with options based on their chosen activity or task (including rehearsing a presentation). This floor will feel casual, busy and perhaps even a bit louder than other floors.

Level 3 is the collaboration and creativity zone, anchored by the Makerspace. This floor has many open tables, along with four enclosed group study rooms and three smaller quiet study rooms suitable for one or two people. This floor will feel busy and active as well.

Level 4 aims to provide the traditional library study experience. Warm, quiet and filled with varying seating options, everything from study cubicles to seats nestled among the book stacks, this floor is for those who are drawn to a quiet and peaceful space in which to study, write and focus on the task at hand.

In addition to these new spaces, the updated concourse level that opened in August 2019 has eight university classrooms that are available for student study use when classes aren't in session.  

With all these options available, we hope that students will be able to find just the spot they need, when they need it.