"Blood Quantum" Movie Review

Published Oct. 15, 2021
Updated July 3, 2023

"Blood Quantum"
Movie Review by Elizabeth Quiroga

Labriola Open Stacks copy of 'Blood Quantum'

Who doesn't love a good post-apocalyptic zombie movie?! For those who like the gore and the guts you must see Jeff Barneby’s 2020 award winning movie Blood Quantum. Trust me, I had never been so excited to watch someone test out the ‘new chain’ of their power saw, until I saw ‘deadly’ Native actors like Brandon Oakes carve straight through the head of the dead. Watching Barneby’s film, we follow a Mi'kmaq community from the Red Crow Reserve in Quebec, who are inexplicably immune to the mysterious virus turning the white settlers surrounding them into half dead cannibals. As you invest yourself in a family's battle with morals and survival, Blood Quantum takes a visceral look into the infectious wound of colonialism and its impact on the human race, while enjoying a little action along the way. If you haven’t seen Blood Quantum, it's about time, check out a copy from Labriola’s Open Stacks collection and have a night of fright! 

Call Number: PN1997.2 .B558 2020 DVD

-Elizabeth Quiroga, Labriola Student Archivist/Librarian