Streaming Audio Reserve (SAR) Policy - Music Library

Streaming Audio Reserves (SAR) will be made available for ASU classes, studios, and other entities requiring library audio reserve.

  1. Only ASU faculty/staff/students will have access to SAR’s.
  2. All material placed on SAR must be owned by and in the collections of the ASU Library. Please plan ahead and allow time for new items to be ordered, received, processed, and sent to the Music Library. NO PERSONAL COPIES OF RECORDINGS WILL BE PROCESSED FOR STREAMING.
  3. All SAR material will be uploaded in individual tracks. No long anthologized material may be uploaded.
  4. The instructor requesting SAR must provide detailed information including the following:
    1. Call number of item in the collection.
    2. Specific breakdown of selections needed.
    3. Course number, section, semester, instructor name.
  5. Additional information such as test, unit number, date, etc. must be provided by the instructor if desired.
  6. A minimum of fourteen (14) days is needed to process and upload the SAR.
  7. Requests for SAR’s should be made every semester needed. There will be no presumptions made on the part of the Music Library staff as to the need for these materials.
  8. All SAR’s will be acessible via the library catalog’s reserve function.

Submission Form

(Choose "Music (streaming audio)" from "Library to process reserve items" at bottom of form)