Streaming Audio Reserve Guidelines - Music Library

Streaming Audio Reserve is a service of the ASU Library to digitize audio content from a physical format (such as a CD) to a streaming format to include in course. Instructors may request that the library digitize content in support of their courses.

Requests that may qualify:

  • Audio content that is owned by the ASU Library.
  • Requests that fall within the realm of fair use.

Fair use evaluations are determined using these four factors:

  1. The purpose of the use: the audio should be an important part of the course to fulfill a specific learning objective.
  2. The nature of the work: since musical works are creative, this factor generally weighs against fair use.
  3. Amount used: only request the amount needed to fulfill the specific educational purpose. Digitizing an entire compilation or album is difficult to justify without a demonstrated need.
  4. Effect of the use on the market: we cannot digitize content that is included as part of a standard textbook or anthology designed for course use, or part of an educational resource that is available for purchase online.

Additional Considerations:

Please plan ahead and allow time for items to be processed and uploaded by the Music Library. Any new purchases will take additional time to be acquired and added to the ASU Library collection.

Streaming Audio Reserve links will expire at the end of each semester. Instructors must submit a new request for each semester the audio is needed.

Requests for Streaming Audio Reserves must include:

  • Call number of item.
  • Identify specific selections that are needed.
  • Course number, section, semester, instructor name.

Requests that do NOT qualify:

  • Personal copies or reproductions
  • CDs that are from other libraries
  • Compilations or anthologies that are part of a textbook or other required course content.

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