Music Library Collections


The collection includes books on a wide range of musical topics: the history of music, biographies of musicians, music theory and composition, music education, and music therapy. A non-circulating reference collection includes bibliographic works on various composers and musical genre, catalogs of other libraries, and musical dictionaries and encyclopedias in a variety of languages.


The scores included in the collection include a wide variety of types of musical styles and genres. Along with editions of complete works of important composers, and historical sets, there are single publications intended for performance (including parts). Songs (classical and popular) included in cataloged anthologies are further indexed in the Song Index.


A wide range of musical styles is included in the recorded sound collections. Recordings are available in either vinyl disc or compact disc. All new recordings are in the compact disc format. However, one should consult both collections to locate recordings of a specific composition. There are also a number of music related videos which can be viewed in the library or checked out by qualified borrowers.


Periodicals and journals covering a wide variety of musical subjects are available in print, microform, and online. Indexes to musical periodicals are available in Music Reference.

Special Collections

Sheet Music
A large collection of popular songs and printings of single classical works from 1900 until the 1950's. These works are cataloged by title and available through Library One Search. They do not circulate, and must be requested at the Information & Check Out Desk.
Christina Carroll Collection
A collection of piano vocal scores of 19th and 20th century operas. These are cataloged and available and information is available through Library One Search. They do not circulate, and must be requested at the Information & Check Out Desk.
Wayne King Collection
Included are recordings, band arrangements, and video tapes of the American band leader. This collection is non-circulating and may be used by ASU-affiliated patrons only.


The Music Library gratefully accepts gifts of all types of materials. In the case of vinyl recordings, the library will likely not add these materials to the collection. For more information on gift materials, or to arrange for a donation, please contact the Head of the Music Library.

Suggestions for Additions to the Collections

Input from those who use the library regularly is very important to us. Suggest​ions for acquisitions may be made directly online, or by contacting the Head of the Music Library.