Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Campus Information Commons Display Space Mounting and Hanging Procedures

  1. The space is intended for the display of two dimensional works. Three dimensional works (e.g. sculptures, models, etc.) will require special review and approval. Works containing media and sound will also require special approval.
  2. Moving and focusing of the lights must be performed by ASU Library approved personnel.
  3. Care should be taken to minimize damage to walls. Publicity materials attached to walls must use non- damaging types of adhesive, e.g. artist putty, painters tape, etc.
  4. Only picture hooks should be used to hang works or art on the walls and on the fabric panels – no screws are permitted. The artist may be billed for an excessive damage.
  5. The artist/exhibitor is responsible for loading and unloading of their works and transportation in and out of the building.  The DPC library does not have staff that can assist with that process.
  6. If the artist/exhibitor requires a ladder, please be sure to make that request one week in advance.
  7. The gallery available is part of a working library and computing commons. It is used by our students for their research, study, and class work. The students and their work are our first priority. The ability to move furniture and equipment is only available under special circumstances, with prior approval and arrangements, and only for a very limited period of time. Any costs associated with moving equipment and furniture are the responsibility of the artist/exhibitor.
  8. While we recognize that some noise will occur when mounting and removing a display, we request that the artists/exhibitor respect our students and keep noise to a minimum.

September 2009