Billing appeal procedure

If you feel that a library fine or charge is not justified, you may appeal by:

  • Mailing a letter to:
    Billing Department, Noble Library
    Arizona State University
    PO Box 871006
    Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
  • Sending an email to

Appeals may be forwarded to the owning library for review and decision.

What to consider before appealing

Before submitting an appeal, please review the library's loan policy. This policy has been approved by the faculty and student representatives of the ASU Library Fines Appeal Committee and is strictly enforced for all borrowers (faculty, staff, students and community card holders).

Appeals must be submitted within one year of billing.

What should be included

Your appeal must include your name, ID number, current mailing address and an explanation of why you feel you should not be charged.

Include all relevant information and documentation.  Be thorough but concise.  

What will happen

Your appeal will be reviewed. This process cannot be completed hastily, so you should not expect an immediate decision. If you are blocked from checking out needed library materials, you may request a temporary clearance from circulation once your appeal has been received.  This waiver does not clear any blocks with other university offices. You are notified in writing of the decision and the action taken.

The channel for appealing library fines beyond the initial decision is:  ASU Library Appeals Officer, ASU Library Fines Appeal Committee. Appeals must progress in this order.

Appeals submitted by community card borrowers are reviewed internally and are not eligible for review by the ASU Library Fines Appeal Committee.