Welcome, from James O'Donnell

University Librarian Jim O'Donnell standing next to a bookcase full of books

At the heart of any great university is a great library…

ASU Library’s greatness consists of its ambition and commitment to deliver information resources, in any format, to faculty and students as swiftly and seamlessly as possible. If we had a motto, it would be ‘Everything for everybody, everywhere’. We can’t quite promise that level of perfection, but it represents our goal, and we make every effort to reach it. We offer print and digital resources in abundance, with unique special collections besides, and we also offer guidance and inspiration in how to find and make best use of them in innovative and effective ways.

A major renovation of physical facilities, meanwhile, is reshaping our public spaces to meet our community’s needs: tranquil refuges for concentrated work for some, formal and informal group learning hubs for others, and above all, support for finding, and finding out how to use, information resources of the highest quality and freshness.

Whether you visit one of our physical locations or use our resources entirely online, ASU Library promises to be a home, an office, a laboratory and a treasure house to meet the diverse needs of our university community.