Spring 2018 Event Lineup -- Map and Geospatial Hub

The Spring 2018 semester is well underway!

Your ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub is pleased to offer a fresh lineup of workshops and events for the new semester.

Notable additions to the Spring 2018 workshop lineup include new offerings introducing participants to ArcGIS Desktop. (Thus far, our introductory GIS workshps have been focused on using the open source QGIS software; those QGIS workshops are, of course, still being offered.) Moreover, we're pleased to be offering workshops at the ASU Library downtown location for the first time.

We're proud to again be hosting the School of Earth and Space Exploration's Mars Space Flight Facility as they conduct a couple live demonstrations and hands-on workshop sessions with JMARS, an open-source GIS platform that allows users to retrieve, visualize, and analyze remotely sensed satellite imagery data for multiple planetary bodies, including Mars, Earth, the Moon, and many others. 

We're also actively working with our friends from The Ronald Greely Center for Planetary Studies on hosting some of their workshops on applications of Esri GIS software for planetry (non-Earth) analysis and mapping. They'll make excellent companions for the aforementioned JMARS workshops.

We will also hopefully see at least one more instance of Cut + Paste PHX Map Night this Spring 2018 semester. Stay tuned for news on that creative event.

And, you can always learn more about and register for our upcoming events on our Training and Events page, the Map and Geospatial Hub Eventbrite page, or by contacting us directly.

Happy mapping, ASU!