Fiction, Autobiography, and Speech

With Shih Penglu, Joe Lockard worked with translators to edit these American slave narratives, the third volume in an Antislavery Literature Series, into Chinese. William Andrews and Lockard contributed this volume's preface, which includes narratives by William Wells Brown, "Clotel" (trans. Xiao Xu), Mary Prince (trans. Xu Chaoli) and David Walker (trans. Liu Yangxiaolu).

With the exception of translation editions of works by Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglass (whose 1845 memoir the series also includes), the study of this body of literature was almost completely devoid of Chinese-language resources until the publication of this series, so they took care to incorporate a variety of voices.

Each publication in the series includes an introduction in order to provide historical and biographical context, as well as a cross-cultural teaching guide that addresses not only students but also teachers


Co-editor Joe Lockard is an associate professor of English in literature at Arizona State University.

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Shanghai Jiaotong University Press