Joan Darc co-translated by Cynthia Hogue

Joan Darc

Nathalie Quintane

Translated by Sylvain Gallais and Cynthia Hogue

Scuffing up the surface of history by scuffing up that of language, Nathalie Quintane manages to get at the myth of Joan of Arc from the inside, turning it from myth to immediate life…

Gonglijuyi yuga: Juhi e daehan Jinlyang eu Dojeon

Translation into Korean of Professor Hoyt Tillman's book "Utilitarian Confucianism: Chen Liang’s Challenge to Chu Hsi"

Hoyt Tillman and Chen Liang

Translated by LIM Myung-hee and Kim byoung- hwon

This new book is a translation of Hoyt Tillman's "Utilitarian Confucianism," which was first published by Harvard’s Council on East Asian Studies and distributed by Harvard University…

Cover of Fortino Samano translated by Sylvain Gallais and Cynthia Hogue

Fortino Sámano (The Overflowing of the Poem)

Virginie Lalucq and Jean-Luc Nancy

Translated by Sylvain Gallais and Cynthia Hogue

"Fortino Sámano (The Overflowing of The Poem)," translated by Cynthia Hogue and Sylvain Gallais, with French on facing pages, is a collaborative work by the emerging French poet Virginie…

Cover of Quo Vadis, Baby? translated by Taylor Corse and Juliann Vitullo

Quo Vadis, Baby?

Grazia Verasani

Translated by Taylor Corse and Juliann Vitullo

At first glance, Private Detective Giorgia Cantini is not a pretty sight as she sits at a bar, downing her fourth cocktail of the night, feeling moody and obnoxious. Brutally honest, she…

Schoenberg's Early Correspondence book cover

Schoenberg's Early Correspondence

Schoenberg in Words, Volume 8

Edited by Sabine Feisst and Ethan Haimo

Translated by Sabine Feisst and Ethan Haimo

Early in his career, the composer Arnold Schoenberg maintained correspondence with many notable figures: Gustav Mahler, Heinrich Schenker, Guido Adler, Arnold Rosé, Richard Strauss,…

Cover of Think of Lampedusa translated by Todd Fredson

Think of Lampedusa

Josué Guébo

Translated by Todd Fredson

A collection of serial poems, "Think of Lampedusa" addresses the 2013 shipwreck that killed 366 Africans attempting to migrate secretly to Lampedusa, an Italian island in the…

book cover for The Necrophiliac

The Necrophiliac

Gabrielle Wittkop

Translated by Don Bapst

Lucien, an antique dealer in Paris, loves Japanese netsuke — specifically, those burlesque statues depicting vigorous sexual acts with the dead ... He also likes to dig up bodies. Young…

Cover of Signs that Sing by Heather Maring

Signs That Sing

Hybrid Poetics in Old English Verse

Heather Maring

In "Signs That Sing," Heather Maring argues that oral tradition, ritual and literate Latin-based practices are dynamically interconnected in Old English poetry. Resisting the tendency to…

And We Were All Alive by Olvido Garcia Valdes, translated by Catherine Hammond

And We Were All Alive

Olvido García Valdés

Translated by Catherine Hammond

Winner of Spain's National Poetry Prize. "We've been waiting so long, so expectantly for the poetry of Olvido García Valdés to appear in English translations that convey her signal…

Cover of Korean translation of From Sand Creek by Simon Ortiz

From Sand Creek

Korean translation

Simon J. Ortiz

Translated by Seong-Hoon Kim

(From the English Version.) The massacre of Cheyenne and Arapaho women and children by U.S. soldiers at Sand Creek in 1864 was a shameful episode in American history, and its battlefield…