Joan Darc co-translated by Cynthia Hogue

Joan Darc

Nathalie Quintane

Translated by Sylvain Gallais and Cynthia Hogue

Scuffing up the surface of history by scuffing up that of language, Nathalie Quintane manages to get at the myth of Joan of Arc from the inside, turning it from myth to immediate life…

Good Bandits, Warrior Women, and Revolutionaries in Hispanic Culture

Edited by Gary Francisco Keller

"Good Bandits, Warrior Women, and Revolutionaries in Hispanic Culture" is the fruit of a groundbreaking conference that was held in Phoenix in 2009. Following an introduction by Gary…

Spanish Perspectives on Chicano Literature

Literary & Cultural Essays

Francisco A. Lomelí

Edited by Vanessa Fonseca and Jesús Rosales

In their comprehensive study "Spanish Perspectives on Chicano Literature: Literary and Cultural Essays," editors Jesús Rosales and Vanessa Fonseca provide a fresh set of perspectives on…

Handbook of Latin American Literature

Routledge Revivals Edition

Edited by David William Foster

First published in 1987 (this second edition in 1992), the Handbook of Latin American Literature offers readers the opportunity to explore this literary history in the English Language…

Montaigne and Brief Narrative Form

Shaping the Essay

Deborah N. Losse

This is the first book-length study to trace the origin of the essay to the brief narrative tale. While the form of the conte gave shape to the essay, the violence of the times…

Cover of Optics, Ethics, and Art in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries edited by Herbert L. Kessler and Richard G. Newhauser

Optics, Ethics, and Art in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries

Looking into Peter of Limoges's 'Moral Treatise on the Eye'

Edited by Arthur J. Russell, Richard G. Newhauser and Herbert L. Kessler

This volume examines afresh how the introduction of ancient and Arabic optical theories transformed 13th-century thinking about vision, how scientific learning came to be reconciled with…

Cover of The New Immigrant Whiteness by Claudia Sadowski-Smith

The New Immigrant Whiteness

Race, Neoliberalism, and Post-Soviet Migration to the United States

Claudia Sadowski-Smith

Mapping representations of post-1980s immigration from the former Soviet Union to the United States in interviews, reality TV shows, fiction, and memoirs, Claudia Sadowski-Smith shows…

Six Monologues 1990-2007 book cover

Six Monologues 1990-2007

Jeff McMahon

Edited by Caridad Svich

NoPassport Press' "Dreaming the Americas" series collects six of McMahon's solo performance scripts spanning socio-political, queer and historical contexts: "Discontents," "Scatter," …

El Camino del Diablo book cover

El Camino del Diablo

Mark Klett

Much of Mark Klett’s photography centers on a conversation with historical images. For this project, Klett worked only with the account of a young mining engineer named Raphael Pumpelly…

Cover of Emotion in the Tudor Court by Bradley J. Irish

Emotion in the Tudor Court

Literature, History, and Early Modern Feeling

Bradley J. Irish

Deploying literary analysis, theories of emotion from the sciences and humanities, and an archival account of Tudor history, "Emotion in the Tudor Court" examines how literature both…