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Cover for the edited volume "Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities: A Collection of Space Futures," depicting the inside of a futuristic space station.

Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities

A Collection of Space Futures

Edited by Joey Eschrich and Ed Finn

Why should we go to space? To learn more about the universe and our place in it? To extract resources and conduct commerce? To demonstrate national primacy and technological prowess? To…

Cover image for "Frankenstein: Annotated for Scientists, Engineers, and Creators of All Kinds," featuring a black background and orange stylized text.


Annotated for Scientists, Engineers, and Creators of All Kinds

Mary Shelley

Edited by Jason Scott Robert, Ed Finn and David H. Guston

Mary Shelley’s "Frankenstein" has endured in the popular imagination for two hundred years. Begun as a ghost story by an intellectually and socially precocious eighteen-year-old author…

The book cover for What Algorithms Want, showing a distorted image of a city skyline in black and white.

What Algorithms Want

Imagination in the Age of Computing

Ed Finn

We depend on—we believe in—algorithms to help us get a ride, choose which book to buy, execute a mathematical proof. It’s as if we think of code as a magic spell, an incantation to…

Joan Darc co-translated by Cynthia Hogue

Joan Darc

Nathalie Quintane

Translated by Sylvain Gallais and Cynthia Hogue

Scuffing up the surface of history by scuffing up that of language, Nathalie Quintane manages to get at the myth of Joan of Arc from the inside, turning it from myth to immediate life…

Cover of Fortino Samano translated by Sylvain Gallais and Cynthia Hogue

Fortino Sámano (The Overflowing of the Poem)

Virginie Lalucq and Jean-Luc Nancy

Translated by Sylvain Gallais and Cynthia Hogue

"Fortino Sámano (The Overflowing of The Poem)," translated by Cynthia Hogue and Sylvain Gallais, with French on facing pages, is a collaborative work by the emerging French poet Virginie…

Prison Pedagogies, edited by Joe Lockard and Sherry Rankins-Robertson

Prison Pedagogies

Learning and Teaching with Imprisoned Writers

Edited by Sherry Rankins-Robertson and Joe Lockard

In a time of increasing mass incarceration, US prisons and jails are becoming a major source of literary production. Prisoners write for themselves, fellow prisoners, family members, and…

Faking the News, edited by ASU alum Ryan Skinnell

Faking the News

What Rhetoric Can Teach Us About Donald J. Trump

Edited by Ryan Skinnell

Donald J. Trump's speaking and writing invite passionate reactions — maybe he’s a bluecollar, billionaire hero who speaks the language of the common man or maybe he’s a gleefully…

Story Problems: Poems, by ASU alum Charles Jensen

Story Problems


Charles Jensen

Written in the form of a reading comprehension exam, the poems in "Story Problems" examine spirituality, religion, science, whiteness, gender, mortality, and childhood, each ending with…

A Child out of Alcatraz, by Tara Ison

A Child Out of Alcatraz

Kindle edition

Tara Ison

A little girl lives with her family in a picturesque seaside community near San Francisco. An American neighborhood like any other, sheltered in the seeming tranquillity of the 1950s…

The Edinburgh Companion to Animal Studies, co-edited by Lynn Turner, Undine Sellbach and Ron Broglio

The Edinburgh Companion to Animal Studies

Edited by Undine Sellbach, Ron Broglio and Lynn Turner

This volume critically investigates current topics and disciplines that are affected, enriched or put into dispute by the burgeoning scholarship on animal studies. What new questions and…