The Chaucer Encyclopedia

Volumes 1-4

Edited by Richard Newhauser

"The Chaucer Encyclopedia" provides the most comprehensive overview to date of the life, times, works, sources/analogues, and influence of Geoffrey Chaucer (b. 1340s – d. 1400). It also makes accessible the approaches readers have taken to understanding Chaucer's oeuvre, as well as the analogues and sources (direct or intermediary, contemporary or from the distant past) of Chaucer's works. Providing nearly 1400 entries, more than any similar work on the market today, "The Chaucer Encyclopedia" is the best source for a new generation of students and scholars.

"The Chaucer Encyclopedia" includes material on:

* Important people, places, things, and concepts in Chaucer’s life and works that influenced and shaped him as a writer
* Chaucer’s influence on generations of writers after him, including authors around the world who continue to look to Chaucer’s texts for inspiration
* Various other topics that are of particular significance to those pursuing in-depth Chaucer scholarship

"The Chaucer Encyclopedia" is an all-in-one resource for those interested in Geoffrey Chaucer. It is a key literary resource for undergraduate, graduate, and some secondary school students, teachers, and informed general readers.


Richard Newhauser is a Professor of English at Arizona State University.

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