Reference or textbook

The Basic Approach to Age-Structured Population Dynamics

Models, Methods and Numerics

M. Iannelli and F.A. Milner

This book provides an introduction to age-structured population modeling, which emphasises the connection between mathematical theory and underlying biological assumptions.Through the…

Limited by Design: R&D Laboratories in the U.S. National Innovation System cover

Limited by Design

R&D Laboratories in the U.S. National Innovation System

Michael M. Crow and Barry Bozeman

"Limited by Design" is the first comprehensive study of the varying roles played by the more than 16,000 research and development laboratories in the U.S. national innovation system…

Srpski gramatički rečnik (Serbian grammatical dictionary), Novi Sad: Prometej

Danko Šipka

The present dictionary comprises 120,000 Serbian entries with the stress and inflectional properties marked. The entries are sorted in a reversed order (from the end of the word) which…

Innovative Strategies for Heritage Language Teaching

A Practical Guide For The Classroom

Guadalupe Valdés and Ana Roca

Edited by Sara M. Beaudrie and Marta Fairclough

Heritage language (HL) learning and teaching presents particularly difficult challenges. Melding cutting-edge research with innovations in teaching practice, the contributors in this…

Od naših Rusa do komšijine krave, Novi Sad: Prometej

Danko Šipka

This is a dictionary of conversational commonplaces in Serbian preceded by a brief introductory study defining the field and laying out the methodology of discourse analysis of these…

Slogovni Glosar 4

Danko Šipka

This is a glossary of Serbian words consisting of six or more syllables.

Education and Curriculum Perspectives in the Qur'an

Sarah Risha

The book introduces most common methods of teaching instructions and compares them to instructions in the Qur'an, the holy book for Muslims.

Heritage Language Teaching: Research and Practice

Heritage Language Teaching: Research and Practice

Sara M. Beaudrie, Kim Potowski and Cynthia Ducar

A summary of research in heritage language development and an exploration of classroom practices that best meet the needs of heritage learners in the United States based on that research…

Contemporary Serbian-English Dictionary

Danko Šipka

This dictionary is intended to serve the needs of the speakers in Serbia (and a more broader region) and to assist the speakers of English seeking familiarity with the English language…

Veliki srpsko-engleski rečnik

Danko Šipka

This dictionary is intended primarily for the users at ILR level 3 and higher. It comprises 99173 main entries, 21579 related entries, and 35872 idioms on its Serbian-English side as…