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Cover of "Modern Socio-Technical Perspectives on Privacy"

Modern Socio-Technical Perspectives on Privacy

Edited by Dr. Nicholas Proferes

Provides a foundational understanding of technical and social aspects related to online privacy. Covers modern application areas as well as underexplored issues (e.g., privacy…

Midcentury Tales from Rural Ohio

Midcentury Tales from Rural Ohio

Birth, Growth, and Near Death

R.C. Steinle Williams

Crippled at birth, oppressed by conservative religion and school, fully grown too early, dedicated to work and money, deceived by the sirens of Midwest football, seduced by the perfume…

Cover of "Dietetic Intern Guidebook"

Dietetic Intern Guidebook

An Uncomplicated and Practical Guide to Nutrition Intervention

Felicia Hendricks

The Dietetic Intern Guidebook provides an uncomplicated and practical guide to nutrition intervention for type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease. The structure of this…

Painting of woman with a head of colorful flowers

Cutting the Stems

By Virginie Lalucq

Translated by Claire McQuerry

Translated from the French, "Cutting the Stems" is a playful, long poem in sections that contains a pastiche of various unlikely influences: manuals on gardening and plant propagation,…

Illustration of a roadrunner and rattlesnake in front of an old car

Survival Strategies


Tennison S. Black

"Survival Strategies" is a love story wrapped in a reckoning. Arranged in three parts, this collection of poems follows a narrative arc.The speaker, who is returning to the Sonoran of…

Black and white image of Blake Edwards with movie camera

Blake Edwards

Film Director as Multitalented Auteur

Peter Lehman

"Blake Edwards: Film Director as Multitalented Auteur" is the first critical analysis to focus on the dramatic works of Blake Edwards. Best known for successful comedies such as The Pink…

Images of male standing in front of a while board, hand writing on a chalkboard and children entering into school

Tenure At A Crossroads, Again?

An Examination of the Devolution of Higher Education in the Age of Corporatization

Edited by G.L.A. Harris and Dwight Vick

While many books have been written about the American higher education system and its K-12 public school counterpart, this edited volume is the first of its kind to draw a nexus between…

Cover of "Strategic Management of the Health Care Supply Chain"

Strategic Management of the Health Care Supply Chain

Eugene Schneller

Strategic Management of the Health Care Supply Chain provides students, faculty, managers, and researchers with a clear understanding of the health care supply chain and its role in…

Cover of "The Nature of Supply Networks"

The Nature of Supply Networks

Thomas Y. Choi

Supply chains are networks. The concept of the supply chain is an oversimplification of the complex dynamics involved between the individuals, organizations, and resources required to…

Close up of lit candles

Practicing Rights

Human rights-based approaches to social work practice

David Androff

Social work Codes of Ethics of professional organizations around the world appeal to the concept of people having ‘rights’ that social workers need to respect and advocate for. However,…